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We have had an abundance of positions available at Marketing Eye lately due to the high growth nature of our business, and our relatively new inside sales model - which is working a treat.

Our team have been interviewing hundreds of candidates and its interesting to see how many of them perform in an interview setting, or as many would say, on the first date.

Here are 15 things to consider when going for an interview:
Unlike many other professional services firms, I cared less about how much billable hours my employees were doing until the fatal day that it was brought to my attention by my internal accountant that some were "performing" not as good as others and the gap was quite significant. 

It is harder to work in a professional services firm than in corporate. Knowing that you have to do a certain number of billable hours can be a lot of pressure for employees, until they actually stop thinking about it. 
Business or pleasure? Separating the two
 In two weeks, I am travelling to Europe for 14 days of work and a little pleasure. I will be writing stories for Marketing Eye, speaking with potential alliance partners and clients. I will also be interviewing people for speaking opportunities at a conference.
How to run the race consistently well
I am in a really good space at the moment. Life is going swimmingly well. I am thoroughly enjoying the challenges at work. My social life is busy and fun. I have surrounded myself with good people and there is a lot going on to keep me... interested.

While I can't sit still when it comes to making my life as diverse as possible, I certainly remain focused on the end goal. 
Failure is not bad at any stage
 It was a small project and even though I knew the result before it started i was proud at what the team accomplished. It had something to do with our company so it was experimental in every sense of the word. But I knew deep down it would fail, and I knew why.

Normally, I would be the first to say "that won't work". However, this wasn't the time. It was a small project and it wouldn't harm anyone by being a failure. Instead, it would be a lesson learned and I was willing to pay the price.
Dont let toxic employees kill your company culture
 Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs have experienced a toxic employee. They are the one's whose glass is half empty. They constantly complain, nitpick, bitch, gossip and in general have an underlying mean spirit.
Bright lights, yellow taxi's, tall buildings, energy and of course business
I was in New York sipping champagne courtesy of Waldorf Astoria's fantastic service, mingling with the rich and famous mostly because I was in the right place at the right time, and breathing in all that this fast paced, inspirational city has to offer.
There hasn't yet been a downside to having family in the business
I spent alot of time thinking this through, it was a decision i did not take lightly.18 months ago, I decided to employ my niece who was 18 at the time, to work at the Marketing Eye Sydney office.

I decided that given how young she is, I would have her answer the phone and do administrative duties with the hope she would show aptitude for an area of the business, and we could further train her.
Grooming the next generation of leaders
Marketing Eye has hit a huge milestone. It's incredible the journey that we have taken over the past few years and where we are heading with a company that is so rich in possibility, that even I pinch myself.

When we expanded to the US, it was a half-arsed approach. We set up "part-time" and employed a few people who were left to their own devices after initial training to make it happen. 

The biggest lesson we learned
Last week I took a little trip to Bundaberg in regional Queensland, Australia for work. The town has 30k odd people but supports more than 100,000 people at any given time over the entire surround region.

Our client, a highly successful accounting and financial services firm, Ulton Group, needed a "Marketing Eye" to develop their 2015/2016 marketing strategy. I took the opportunity to fly up to Bundaberg because it was close to Easter and a great opportunity to catch up with family in the Sunshine Coast. 
As an entrepreneur, is it possible to finish what you start?
10 Years ago I had a business plan. I believed in it so much, that I took it to others and showed them, looking for affirmation that this plan was the right one to take to market.

The feedback was good. Actually, it was more than good. It was great.

The mentors and entrepreneurs that I showed the plan to liked it so much that they wanted to invest. I gave it a lot of thought as to what I needed to take the business forward and decided that a little investment would help get the business to the first stage of growth, so it would not be a bad idea. 

I chose a passive investor, who acted as a mentor but didn't tell me what to do. To be honest, at times I wish he had.

The business model was strong. In fact, I am proving that today. What wasn't strong is my understanding of how to run a startup. My other business Insomnia Marketing and Communication had been successful from the get-go because the brand was built on my capabilities. 

But with Marketing Eye, I was trying to do something different. I was attempting to change the business from being about me, to being a true brand that stood alone.

At first I failed. The first years business results were not as big as the first year in Insomnia. In fact, nothing like it. Yet I had more money, resources and people.

The mistakes I made were evident:
The business of getting the best out of yourself
Oscar nominated film Whiplash  got me thinking about how far people are willing to go to get the best out of themselves and others. 

 Is your best good enough or do you strive for better, for more or even to be the best? How far can you actually push yourself and others?

 It's a Saturday and I am sitting in my friends living room talking business while at the same time reading emails and catching up on the latest in business news.

As we talk I realize that entrepreneurs are no different from celebrities, movie stars, singers, musicians or any other career that is centre stage.

The reality is we all have a bit of neurotic behaviour in us - whether we like it or not.  Some entrepreneurs are more neurotic than others - micro-managing, controlling, double A-Type personalities that find it hard to accept another person's way of doing things, and then others just tip the iceberg.

Many entrepreneurs have a goal, or an idea of where they want to be. They are achievement orientated and often lack discipline, needing to hire the latter in to complement their existing skill base.

Why juggling too many balls is bound to make you 'drop the ball'

*Deep sigh*

It's Tuesday, and I have already worked one day of the weekend and one weekday, yet I haven't touched the surface.

Why is it that when you really are passionate about everything you do in life, that something always holds you back? For my life, it's time.

I always say, that time is the most important thing you can get from someone in your life. If you have their time, there is nothing else you will need. But time is harder than you think. With running an international business, having my fingers in quite a few different business pies, dedicating time to charity, trying to get a little bit of training in and developing technology - writing books and painting has definitely been put to the way-side.

Why you can't do business with liars

Today, as I was making a post on Facebook with one of my marketing blogs, I noticed a headline from one of my friend's wives: "I lied to my child."

Apparently, as I read further, she had lied to her child by saying that she couldn't wait until her 5 year old started school, when really she knew that she would miss her dearly and would prefer for her small, adorable young daughter to continue to stay home.

There are many types of lies, but statistics show we all tell several lies per day, often without realizing it.

Lying is so common, yet for many of us including me, it drives us crazy.

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