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Robotic Marketer


Robotic Marketer is a world-leading marketing strategy technology platform that deep dives in to a company’s competitors, market, digital performance, and combines the knowledge gained from more than 1000 marketing strategies, to create a 40 page plus report.

Work with Marketing Eye’s marketing team and engage in a powerful collaborative marketing workshop where your team gets to provide their input into your strategic direction.

We will cover:
  • Business goals
  • Sales forecasts
  • Marketing objectives
  • Marketing tactics: promotions, branding, advertising, direct marketing, public relations, social media, digital etc.
  • Marketing assets: sales decks, marketing collateral, brochures, website etc.
  • KPI’s
Robotic Marketer marketing strategies are being used by Fortune 100 companies through to start-up and SMB’s.

Find out more on how a marketing strategy can help your business today.

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