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A landing page is specifically designed to encourage visitors to convert to a lead or a customer, making it a powerful component of your digital marketing strategy. The biggest obstacle to utilizing a landing page for your lead generation strategy is enticing visitors to put their information into your lead forms. What can your company do to get your audience's information? Below, we discuss 4 best practices for building a landing page.

Fewer than 25% of businesses say they are satisfied with their conversion rates. That is pretty depressing.

What are you currently doing as far as lead generation? Once you have captured a lead, how are you nurturing them? Do you have a system in place to handle incoming leads? How are you getting your leads? These are all questions you need to answer when considering lead generation.
How many times a day do you get an email and move it straight to trash before even opening it? We are all guilty of this action because we receive hundreds of “spam” emails everyday. They are trying to captivate us with: Buy this Save this Sign up to be an exclusive member You don’t want to miss this But none of this works. The first step to a successful email campaign is a catchy subject line. Put yourself on the receiving end. Would you open an email with the subject you are about to choose? Sifting through hundreds of emails a day, your audience needs to be captivated by “something.” The opportunities are endless, but you must have “something” to catch their attention.

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