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Recently, everyone in the Atlanta office took a personality test. If you follow our blogs you can see that we have a very diverse group here in ATL! This helps keep us on our toes and gives us the unusual ability to see a problem from different angles for our clients. But enough about us, we know our personalities. What I want to know is - do you know the personality of your brand?
I've been in business for about 16 years and I have to say that I have been mostly fortunate that our brand has stayed intact by the people who represent it. I'm sure there have been times when things have not gone according to plan or an outcome has not been achieved, but the people that work at Marketing Eye, particularly today and over the past 2 years, are exceptional people - inside and out.

I can also say that when I have met with companies, I have had a good 'experience'  with their brands, whether we have chosen to work together or not.
As Kim Kardashian prepares too have her second child and her stepfather has completed his transgender journey, it is an appropriate time to look at the 'Kardashian Effect'.

The Urban Dictionary defines the Kardashian effect as “
The practice of caring about D list celebrities who have no talent and contribute nothing to society.” However there is another, more positive way at looking at this phenomenon, and that is to examine the business behind how the Kardashians became so popular.
There is one thing that has stood out for Marketing Eye in Atlanta and that is our capability as branding experts to supersede much of what is designed locally and produce fresh, innovative and high impact brands that stand out.
When I was just a wee bairn in London in the 1970s, my parents would straighten up and fly right to Paris or Barcelona, where apparently I would eat only eggs. That is another hard-boiled story.

This one is partly about Polaroid and what Polaroid means to the generations that lived through the ’60s to the ’90s. It is also about reinvention and how this former brand giant reinvented themselves to become a digital dynamo.
I have a personal fascination with color: the history behind it, the emotions it evokes and the simple beauty of it.

I also now have an appreciation of how color influences brand identity and marketing strategy.
Are you looking for ways to build your business' brand and increase sales? 

There is no better place to start than by analysing the factors that contributed to the success of the world's biggest brand, Apple Inc.

So, what strategies did Apple use to build their brand and stock so high and what lessons can we learn from them?

I have an ear for piano, yet I decided to play the guitar. I can pick up any melody on the piano and start banging the keys and music miraculously fills the air. With the guitar on the other hand, I can play when sheet music is put in front of me. I can learn to play songs, but I can’t play by ear.

I guess that is something to do with the way my brain is wired. I am not the front man, rock star I thought I could be when I first had guitar lessons. I’m more the guy who sits behind the piano, fully integrated into the sounds being made and lost in the full force of the music.
The Seattle Seahawks are doing something right. This NFL team, owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, has a marketing strategy that has proved to be incredibly successful – here’s why. 

When it comes to marketing, it is imperative to create a community around your brand. Whatever your brand stands for, you must run with it and create a following of dedicated customers along the way.
Getting ready for the artic freeze with a 12 degree chill expected tomorrow, I am gladly sitting in my warm office in Atlanta.

The team is fired up for the start of the new year. At this time of year, many people rethink where they sit in this world; life, work, health. I for one, have been doing a lot of that lately.

As I embark on the next phase of our global expansion, I am left with some thoughts on the people I employ and those who would best suit our company going forward.
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