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How do you grow a small business into a BIG business?

There is no one answer. All entrepreneurs and business owners know that. It is a combination of things. Good strong leadership, the right people, technology, systems, finance, sales and marketing all combined make a successful small business.

Small business owners are faced with a changing market place. As such, deciding on the best and most cost effective marketing and communications investment is more critical than ever.

That's where Marketing Eye comes in. We provide small businesses with a 'marketing eye'. Someone dedicated to growing your business through strategic marketing and communications activities that underpin your overall business goals.

Marketing Eye has 3 choices for small businesses in the US:

1. A Marketing Eye backed by a team of creatives, branding, advertising, public relations, web, social media and lead generation specialists for one subscription fee of $500 per week. This ensures that small businesses have a dedicated outsourced marketing department not just developing a marketing strategy, but implementing it too.

2. An online marketing team that gives your website the refresh it needs to drive your company's brand online. Inclusive is website refresh, social media marketing, online advertising and search engine optimization.

3. Startup packages for small businesses that need to get their brand off the ground. Marketing Eye has a number of options for startup companies that include; social media marketing retainers, a startup brand package (includes logo, website, stationery, and marketing strategy plus a FREE 108 Ways To Market Your Small Business Book).

The needs of small businesses is inherently different to those of their larger counterparts. We understand their differences and celebrate our ability to keep the cost of marketing down and leverage internal resources to maximize the promotion of a small business to their designated target audience.

To have a Marketing Eye in your small business, it is simple. All you need to do is contact Marketing Eye and have a free one hour consultation with an experienced Marketing Consultant.

In the meeting, you will:

  • Find out how Marketing Eye can work with your business
  • Interview your new Marketing Eye on the experience of the company in your industry sector
  • Ensure that Marketing Eye and your company is a good cultural fit
  • Have a chat about the many areas of marketing that your business can benefit from
  • Learn about how Marketing Eye's innovative subscription base model will help you leverage your marketing budget like never before.

Contact us to schedule a conference call or a meeting in Atlanta, Seattle, or Dallas to discuss how Marketing Eye can help you grow your business and deliver on your business goals. 

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