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According to recent research, China is currently the largest trading market for the United States with nearly $636 billion dollars of total goods traded both exports and imports in 2018. So far, China holds the ranking as the top trade partner of the United States, with Canada closely behind China on $582 billion dollars. There is a continuous opportunity for small and medium business to take a part in the emerging market China has to offer for international business.

Marketing Eye has worked with several businesses in pursuit of the Chinese market and we have extensive knowledge in building unique and modernised marketing collateral including business cards, brochure design and websites in both simplified and traditional Chinese. With over 25 years of experience marketing international businesses, we have developed a greater and unique understanding of how to correctly and successfully target specific and diverse markets.

At Marketing Eye, we greatly understand the Chinese business paradigm; that is why our marketing team designs and writes all collateral in-house, ensuring no miscommunications in the outsourcing process, as many companies which have chosen this route have experienced.

Marketing Eye specializes in:

  • Collaborative marketing in China
  • Public relations in China
  • Trade show design, marketing, setup and assistance
  • Copywriting of brochures in Chinese
  • Copywriting of proposal in Chinese

If your company is looking to expand into the Chinese market and venture down new paths. Please contact us today for more information.

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Marketing Eye is disruptive by design, going into start-ups and existing businesses with change in mind. We use our 15 years’ of experience to reinvent your marketing potential, and take your business to a level not yet achieved.


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