The US Gets A Marketing Eye

Atlanta, Georgia;

One of the most innovative small business marketing firms in the world has launched in the Atlanta, Georgia and will be expanding into others State's in America over the next 12 months. Marketing Eye, headed by marketing expert, Mellissah Smith, provides small businesses with a marketing manager backed by a team of graphic design, branding, web, social media and advertising professionals for a subscription of $500 per week, no extra costs.

Marketing Eye has helped hundreds of small businesses build their client bases and increase their brand awareness by providing them with a subscription based model that is headed by a Marketing Manager.

“We are excited that Marketing Eye is launching in Atlanta, a city that is conducive to supporting small businesses that are looking for high growth,” said Marketing Eye’s founder and managing director Mellissah Smith.

“There is almost 1 million small businesses in Georgia and many of them do not have a marketing manager in-house, but know that they need marketing support.

“Many small businesses who have given outsourced marketing support a go have been burnt in the past because they think they are investing a certain amount in their marketing and have budgeted accordingly, only to find out that the bill at the end of the month is much higher than expected.

Experienced marketing manager work with small businesses to develop their marketing strategy and when the implementation phase occurs, it is completed in-house with a team of marketers, graphic designers, web developers, online specialists and branding experts.

“Small businesses benefit from a team that works together to promote their businesses and is driven by a marketing manager, not an administrative or sales based account manager,” says Ms Smith.

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About Marketing Eye

Marketing Eye was established in 2004 to help small businesses grow. With hundreds of clients using Marketing Eye’s services, the company has established systems that ensure that our marketing consultants work faster, harder and smarter than our competitors.

Each Marketing Consultant is backed by a team of creative including graphic design and branding experts as well as online specialists; web developers, social media and online architects.

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Marketing Eye is disruptive by design, going into start-ups and existing businesses with change in mind. We use our 15 years’ of experience to reinvent your marketing potential, and take your business to a level not yet achieved.


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