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Successful franchises have one thing in common: a strong sustainable brand that people love. The biggest challenges that franchises face is ensuring that the brand is not damaged in the franchising process by stakeholders that do not hold the brand in the same context. It is critical as franchises roll-out marketing strategy programs is that they are doing so with the most effective marketing strategy development platform possible.

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Sales and marketing professionals close as many deals as possible within a stipulated amount of time. More often than not, this means heading out, meeting as many potential clients as one can, and being physically present on the field to make a sales pitch. This very old-school traditional form of marketing is widely known as ‘outside sales.’

Modern-day marketing introduces a more cost-effective method of selling called ‘inside sales.’ This strategy is the sale of products or services by a sales professional through phone, email or the internet. In simple words, inside sales can be best described as an act of identifying, nurturing and converting potential leads into customers remotely or from within an office-based environment.

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It’s safe to say, we know having a great marketing strategy for your business is your major key to running a successful business. But having a completed marketing strategy just to simply follow is not enough.

A marketing strategy is like the roots of your precious indoor plant. It can grow and evolve depending on your business’s needs. Adaptation and maintenance are where your marketing managers come in. But - how much time are your marketing managers spending on marketing strategy?

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Businesses and companies use marketing campaigns to attract new customers, increase sales, and generate profits. It is essential to fully understand what metrics are available and which one suits one's business the best. Below is a list of 11 marketing key performance indicators (KPIs) that are used to measure the success of a marketing strategy.

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Why are we talking about mobile marketing? It is changing the way consumers interact with brands and consequently vice versa. Virtually, everything is accessible on mobile today, from e-books to e-commerce. This means consumers can constantly interact with your brand irrespective of their location. To illustrate, customers don’t necessarily need a laptop to read emails or conduct online shopping. And neither need to sit in front of a television to get entertained or watch the news.

Here are the challenges and opportunities of mobile marketing that you should know

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With evolving times and markets, customers thrive on a new experience. It is natural for companies to run out of creative ideas to engage the audience. At instances like these, it is very important that the company also has a competitive edge in the digital space amongst its competitors. If your website appears at the top, people will click on it instinctively. This single click can give the company a very significant lead. These leads are the stepping stone for a business to communicate with their customers and convert them. So, lead generation refers to the starting of consumer interest into said company’s product or service. Currently, 63% of the companies find lead generation to be their biggest challenge. To cater to this issue, we have come up with a concise list of tips that you can follow to maximize the effectiveness of lead generation. Read on to explore ways to optimize the lead generation process for your business!

Today, we live in the age of the internet that is highly competitive. Your website has become one of the most important tools for promoting your business. Whether it is a small business or a big corporate site, having a well-designed (remaining both modern and functional) website has become imperative to stay competitive. Even though a website redesign takes significant resources in time and money, it can be a game-changer for your business to keep up modern-day standards and protocols in mid.

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