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A surprising and interesting move, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced that Instagram would be moving away from photo content and focusing instead on video, shopping, and other entertainment. Instagram claimed that their research directed them to change the way users share posts to their stories to encourage more ‘original’ content. So, what does this mean for smaller creators?

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Understanding what a customer sees and experiences on their journey with your business is arguably the biggest challenge marketers face. When analyzing their behavior, we may wonder why customers leave tabs open for hours just to close them or why they take several steps to get from point A to B when it should only take one. But with the right tools, taking hold of this key information is possible, propelling your business forward with a greater understanding of your customers and therefore an opportunity to optimize your customer experience.

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There are many successful entrepreneurs around the world but for every successful entrepreneur, there are thousands of unsuccessful people. So, what is it that separates a truly successful entrepreneur from the rest of the pack? That’s a loaded question but from all the interviews and biographies we can gather that there are in fact a few things that all successful entrepreneurs have in common. These are the commonalities that seem to take them to the next level and creates the difference between someone who made it and someone who really made it. Here are five undeniable habits that everyone should adopt if they want to mirror the behavior of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs.

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Social media is taking an increasingly larger portion of any marketing strategy, where, as of 2021 - there are 3.96 billion people using some form of social media. It’s an ever-expanding landscape that allows for a multitude of interactions where influencers are partnering with brands for paid promotions, and brands are leveraging influencers to boost their brand awareness.

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