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For content creators, convincing viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel or website/newsletter may be the hardest thing you'll ever do. Building a community of loyal viewers is driven by commitment and focus. Before you gain your following, you may have to ask viewers to like, share and subscribe countless times.

Stop losing subscribers with these 3 tips

Now, picture this: You're a brand or influencer on a content marketing high. Your content has been hitting all the right marks, and your subscriber count is increasing. Until it's not. Suddenly you realize your channel isn't performing as you imagined, and your subscribers are unsubscribing to your content.

With content marketing, the relationship between creators and viewers is like any conventional relationship. It goes through changes, ups and downs, and sometimes may result in an end. The loss of subscribers can be disheartening but can be rectified by understanding why a viewer has decided to leave you and how you can stop this in the future.

Let's analyze 3 reasons why viewers unsubscribe to a channel/brand: 

Viewer Fatigue

Viewer fatigue is a thing, we promise you. We've all experienced it. When you start watching a creator or any content that interests us, you're glued to it. But have you ever stopped watching YouTube, even though you enjoy the content?

Viewer fatigue may happen for many reasons, such as a change in content style, boredom, a break in content, and more. So, when a person experiences viewer fatigue, they may find unsubscribing as the best option to regain their enthusiasm.

Viewers outgrow your channel

Content creators start with one type of niche content that is good enough to gain a substantial following and subscriber count. Let's say you've hit 1 million subscribers. Now you're offered brand deals, and your content is monetized, making it completely different from why your viewers subscribed to you.

In such cases, viewer fatigue leads to a viewer outgrowing your channel and its content. People who no longer relate to your content and do not enjoy it may unsubscribe from your channel.


With the rise of the internet and new portals for content marketing, competitiveness has increased all over. If your content doesn't engage viewers, they may find channels that suit their needs and unsubscribe from your channel.

So, for your channel to maintain its subscribers, your content must hit all the targets and satisfy viewers.

Here are 3 simple tips to stop losing subscribers:

Provide Value

When sending out newsletters or uploading videos, ensure that your content is purpose-driven. For example, it doesn't matter if you take a break and only post something rather than posting something your viewers won't like.

Create content that adds value to your subscribers' lives and market it so that your viewers stay loyal to you; come what may. Remember, content is only good when created for a reason.

Never Spam

If you think spamming your viewers/readers with content every few days is the way to receive more subscribers, let us tell you that it is not. Sending out mass emails or posting vlogs between close intervals can make your viewers lose interest in your content.

Remember, spamming may also lead to viewer fatigue which results in unsubscriptions. So, create a spaced-out content calendar and post your content in intervals, so your viewers are still interested.

Go mobile friendly

More than half the world relies on their mobile phones for everything. Additionally, a significant amount of internet traffic comes from phones. Therefore, as a content creator, it is essential that your material can be accessed from phones and not just from laptops and computers.

Scaling your content delivery can help users stay loyal to your channel and help in gaining more subscribers.

Despite stereotypes, a content creator's job is not easy. Creators are always prowling, looking for ideas to attract viewers and readers. A great way for content creators to retain subscribers is by conducting exit surveys. In this survey, you can ask viewers why they decided to unsubscribe and what changes they'd like to see.

Based on these exit surveys, you can tailor your content to suit viewers and maintain your subscriber values.

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