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Why Every Business Needs A Twitter Presence

Imagine having access to a platform where your business can engage with millions of users around the world, post content, start conversations and create new networks, all while boosting your brand’s awareness and is completely free! Fortunately, Twitter encapsulates all these characteristics and is available to all businesses to market themselves and their products, which is precisely why all businesses are implored to have a strong Twitter presence. Twitter provides your business with the prospect of reaching an even larger audience than you are currently reaching, or thought was even possible. Twitter can also be used to share information about your company, company updates, industry news and even allows you to directly engage with your customers. It is not sufficient to simply have a Twitter account, but it is critical that your business is active on the platform and is using it correctly to gain the full benefits the Twitter has to offer.

Here are some key reasons why your business needs to have an active Twitter presence, if you don’t have one already.

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Increase Sales

The facts don’t lie... Twitter is an effective way for businesses to boost their sales. 60% of brand followers are more likely to purchase or recommend a product after seeing a tweet or following your company’s account. By consistently using the right hashtags, posting relevant content, and being active, you are bound to grow your business by reaching new audiences.

Engaging with Customers

Twitter allows you to communicate with new potential customers and existing ones. Twitter enables users to respond to tweets, like their replies, and host giveaways, all effective ways to engage and foster relationships with consumers online. 

Businesses on twitter can instantly answer consumer queries, providing them with solace by leaving them with no doubt. Consumers greatly appreciate it when brands take the time out of their busy schedules to reply to their tweets, even if it’s about a negative experience. Therefore, it is worthwhile for brands to engage with their customers on the platform, due to the high return on the brand’s reputation when doing this. 

Monitor Competition

It’s extremely likely that your company’s competitor is also on Twitter, considering there are roughly 206 million monetizable daily active users on the platform. Another perk of Twitter is that it allows you monitor competitor strategies and activity with a simple search, to provide you with industry insight. With a simple key word or hashtag search, you are able to seamlessly examine what people are saying about your business, or even about your competitors. Subsequently, with an analysis into the positive and negative feedback you and/or you competitors receive via the platform, your business can make adjustments accordingly, to ensure your brand values are coherent with consumers, all while reaching new customers throughout the process. 

If your competition is active on Twitter and you aren’t, you are ultimately losing business to them, and potentially jeopardizing potential sales, which is of course never a desirable outcome for any business! You must ensure you are active and engaging to get the best results possible, and to ensure you stay one step ahead of any industry competitors.

Create Networks

LinkedIn is traditionally the social media site that most people attend to for making connection and networking. However, Twitter can also be just as useful (if not more) when looking to foster engender industry networks. Having an active Twitter presence, allows you to talk to users that you might not have otherwise spoken to. Through Twitter alone, your business may benefit from networking with business contacts to potential partners, new leads, or even new employees. By reaching out, you can build and nurture relationships which then can lead to sales, and potential long-term loyal consumers which is ultimately the end-goal for all businesses. 

Twitter Can Help Increase SEO 

We all know the importance of SEO and the huge value in increasing your SEO for the business. This is why using Twitter is the right tool for all businesses seeking to boost their SEO (which all businesses desire) - it was announced that tweets are now going to show up in relevant Google searches. This is monumental in boosting the value of Twitter as it now means that your company’s tweets could show up in the top searches. In turn, this could lead to your business getting a boost in visibility and allow you to potentially increase in business. Twitter can help your company create a better online presence, increase brand awareness, and introduce new people to your products. It’s important to rank highly on a Google search, so being active and posting daily twitter content can directly support an increase your SEO.

It’s Free Marketing

Although many marketing campaigns and strategies can incur high costs, Twitter is a free marketing tool as there are no cost associated with having an account. By engaging with users and conversations, creating a word of mouth through posts, and constantly appearing on users’ feeds, businesses can augment their brand awareness, for free! With businesses already being subject colossal costs, Twitter usage should be maximized to increase marketing, at no extra costs... a win, win situation. 

Your Profile Will Increase Traffic to Your Site

Twitter is a place to showcase and develop your brand's voice. People typically click on a profile to gage a better understanding of who the brand is, what it represents and what they do. If people have a positive inclination about the brand, this will leave consumers wanting to know more about the brand. In fact, 47% of people who visit a Twitter profile also visit the website that is linked to that account. So, if you want to see your website traffic and potentially your sales increase, you must invest your time into being an active Twitter user. It is important to note that the tone of your Twitter account reflects your brand as this represents the brand’s image on the platform.

Advertising Spend Is Low But Effective

When it comes to advertising, Twitter is the platform for many businesses. While promoted tweets cost $0.50 to $2 per action, like a retweet, follow, or like, promoted accounts cost $2 to $4 per follow. Independent research shows that Twitter marketing campaigns can deliver a 40% higher return on investment when compared to other media channels. It essential that businesses take advantage of this form of advertising, another reason justifying why your business needs to have a Twitter presence.

Twitter provides businesses with a cost-effective method of directly engaging with their consumer base. With Twitter being one of the biggest social media platforms, your business needs to ensure they are a part of the community. To summarise, some of the key benefits posited by Twitter are that consumers can act as brand ambassadors, the company may monitor competition and respond promptly to any consumer queries and can use the platform for cost-effective marketing strategies. When used appropriately, Twitter may complement businesses and assist them in establishing their brand and amplify their marketing efforts.

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