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Travelling the world talking to business people can sometimes make everything seem so much more clearer.

I often find myself talking to people who are inspiring, informative and entrepreneurial, so I learn so much from what they say and do.

I am interested in the Political climate, government legislation and community factors that influence business decisions.

One of the biggest topics of conversation this week with the various entrepreneurs that I have met with is whether or not they hire someone or use a consultancy for various services like HR, accounting, administration and marketing.

In France, one of the biggest issues facing businesses is the high cost of wages and associated costs to have an employee.

In Australia, whilst as business owners we continually complain about superannuation, payroll tax, workers compensation, holidays and the number of public holidays our employee receive, we are nothing on the French system.

Many French business owners say that when they take on a new employee, they allocate double their salary in costs.

If that was the case in most of my clients small businesses, they would be broke!

It really is ridiculous and makes it very difficult for small businesses to hire new staff and grow their businesses.

This is exactly why Marketing Eye is right now looking at the French market. It makes sense. Marketing Eye is designed to help small to medium sized businesses that want to grow. A typical client does not have a senior marketing manager but needs marketing to help with their growth plans. It’s a great interim between having no marketing resource and hiring someone full time.

To hire, or not, is a question every business owner asks themselves time and time again. It’s like the chicken and the egg.

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