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Why are we talking about mobile marketing? It is changing the way consumers interact with brands and consequently vice versa. Virtually, everything is accessible on mobile today, from e-books to e-commerce. This means consumers can constantly interact with your brand irrespective of their location. To illustrate, customers don’t necessarily need a laptop to read emails or conduct online shopping. And neither need to sit in front of a television to get entertained or watch the news.

Here are the challenges and opportunities of mobile marketing that you should know

Mobile Marketing: The Challenges and Opportunities


  1. Cost Effectiveness

Compared to traditional marketing channels, mobile marketing is more cost-effective in terms of ROI to reach your target audience. For instance, mobile channels such as in-app ads, SMS, and push notification are some cheapest channels available. Mobile marketing is far more enticing to smaller companies with limited advertising budgets due to its inexpensive costs. They can produce more affordable, straightforward, and efficient marketing efforts.

  1. Reaches Wider Audiences

Mobile marketing opens the door to new audiences, allows you to reach customers in an instant. Digital marketing is continually evolving, and mobile marketing plays a key role in that strategy. Over the years, smartphones and tablets are becoming increasingly popular tools for communication across all demographics. The shift towards mobile devices is a trend that will continue to grow. These developments mean that marketers have a golden opportunity to put their marketing messages into the hands of their consumers. It is important to acknowledge that businesses should have a cohesive mobile marketing plan to connect with customers digitally

In addition, everyone loves to share things with their contacts – especially if they offer something of value. Therefore, mobile marketing makes content highly shareable, which creates the potential for your content to go viral, gaining attention, and spreading brand awareness at zero cost.

  1. Multiple Marketing Channels Available

Multichannel strategies are long-term plans meant to establish brand awareness and maintain relationships with prospective and existing customers. There are many different marketing channels and strategies that businesses can utilize. This includes:

  • Mobile websites: A quick way to check out any website on the go and discover new brands. Hence, majority of the website traffic comes from smartphones
  • Mobile Apps: This is another vast marketing opportunity. For example, display ads within mobile apps. Alternatively, you can create your own mobile app to make it convenient for the customers.
  • SMS Marketing: According to Forbes, text marketing have an open rate of 98%, and approximately 90% of users will read it within 3 seconds after opening the message.
  • QR Codes: Users can scan QR codes that access a specific web page that contains detailed information.


  1. Highly Competitive

One of the major challenges that mobile marketer face is that competition continues to grow. It can be overwhelming at times to manage digital channels, making it difficult for one campaign to stand out. If a competitor does a better job of reaching your target audience, they could easily wick away much of your customer base. To illustrate – with millions of apps available on the Apple app store or Google play store, users will install the very first relevant app they see. Endorsements from influencers may be a good way to encourage the audience to download and use your app. Through social media marketing, you will reach more potential audiences and stand out from the competitors.

  1. Measurement of Success

The measurement of the success of campaigns is a significant obstacle that many firms encounter in mobile marketing. It can be challenging to tell whether the user ignored a push notification entirely or whether they had completed the desired actions because of it. To improve measurement capabilities, feedback from the users is needed. Asking questions to gather information that can help you optimize your efforts (how they heard about you, what they enjoy/ dislike)

  1. Developing an Effective Strategy

Often times, it is difficult for marketers to determine which campaign will work, and which won’t. If you are unsure how your specific target audience is using their mobile devices, you won’t be able to figure out how to connect with them. Doing research about your audiences allows you to develop a strategy that is catered to them. This will assist you to optimize your campaigns and get the best possible results.

Today, we have covered the challenges and opportunities of mobile marketing. Mobile marketing is a powerful component of digital marketing, which cannot be overlooked as it open doors to greater opportunities to your business. However, it is important to consider the challenges. But again – when you use the right mobile marketing strategies and formula a good mobile marketing plan, you can reach your target audience effectively.

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