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I really don’t have too much to say about Prince William other than the fact he looks like a lovely chap, someone that perhaps I could head to the pub with on a Saturday, down a few pints and then head home.

He seems quite normal to me which lends itself to why he is doing this public visit to Australia whereby he is doing public engagements during the day and hanging out at dodgy bars at night. The Loft isn’t quite dodgy but it is a well known ‘pickup’ joint for those in Sydney. Heck, just down the road, Prince Fredrick picked up Mary Donaldson. I wonder if any Aussie chicks took his fancy?

I can’t remember ever seeing the Queen do that nor the Prince and Princess of Wales. You know, head to the local nightclub/bar and have a few beers. I personally see nothing wrong with it, but it does lend itself to whether the Monarchy has a role to play in Australia or not. Do we still hold them in the same esteem as 20 years ago?

In the days of Princess Diana, I would have gladly supported the Monarchy and their role as the head of Australia, but to be totally honest, once the Queen is layed to rest, it might be time to do our own thing.

Brand ‘Royal Family’ may very well have had it’s day. I can’t be in awe of someone who gets tanked at the local pub and looks to be having too good of a time. I want ‘my’ Royal Family to be posh and untouchable. I have seen Prince Harry and Prince William partying at Mahiki in London whilst ‘commoners’ like me were in the room not caring too hoots that they are in fact there and having a damn good time.

Whilst the ‘Royal Family’ brand is so much bigger then Prince William, it was a far second to his mother, of whom he has an eerie resemblence to. She was a brand much bigger than the Royal Family and with that endangered their ability to safeguard their brand from being destroyed.

Her presence, spirit, good looks and charm – swept us all up in a frenzy of Di-fever that may never again be seen with any member of the Royal Family.

Thanks Willy for putting a couple days in your diary to see your Subjects in Australia, but perhaps next time, come back and see our country and its beauty. Maybe go on The Ghan or snorkle in the Great Barrier Reef. I hear Qualia up in Hamilton Island is really good this time of year. A nightclub isn’t quite an experience that someone here for 3 days should be indulging in, afterall, Australia is probably the most beautiful, scenic country that you rule over and you quite frankly are missing out by not spending real quality time here.

Maybe Prince Harry needs to give you a few more tips.

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