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A 3-Decade Journey in Marketing: Learning, Adapting, and Thriving

By Mellissah Smith, Founder of Marketing Eye

As I reflect on my three-decade journey in the dynamic world of marketing, from my early days at the front desk to running an international marketing firm with a diverse range of clients, I'm reminded of the countless lessons learned and the continuous evolution of our industry. The marketing landscape has seen seismic shifts, and the way we approach our craft has transformed in ways we could never have predicted. This journey of learning, adapting, and thriving has not only shaped our team and client experiences but also the very essence of what it means to be a marketer in this day and age.

Vulnerability Means You're Human
Yesterday, I saw someone through their eyes. I saw their vulnerability, insecurities, hopes, and dreams. Their next move, little do they know,  will define them more than they realize.
This is your life. Do what you love.
I remember being 27 years of age and physically pinching myself. I thought in that moment, life just didn't get better and all my dreams had come true. The innocence of feeling joy from experiencing a new city, my dream job as an marketing entrepreneur and being surrounded by people who empowered me, was more than I ever dreamed was possible.
Making Your Mark in Your 40's
In your 40’s, and you haven’t made your mark yet?

I’m almost terrified to write this down, but it is something that has to be said. As I sit with my 40-something year old friends, we all sit with a similar dilemma that leaves each and everyone one of us slightly unfulfilled.
Finding your true purpose
Do you live a purposeful life? Do you consciously make decisions based on your purpose? Are you aware that you are more powerful with purpose?

I've lived an interesting life. Like many entrepreneurs I have gone from having an idea to seeing it through, having another idea and seeing it fall in a heap and then the momentum of building a business to heights that you actually have never imagined.
Why entitlement in our kids is our responsibility
A glance at entitlement. 

A first world problem for sure, but it is one I see regularly as an entrepreneur and one who travels widely around the world.

We all work hard. I don't have children, but I see a lot. I have opinions, just like most, but there is some substance in my opinions because I have been around for a long time.

Parents work hard to build their businesses and wealth. They do so because mostly, they didn't grow up with the wealth that they would have liked, or perhaps they just want to live a better life.

They accumulate wealth, and with that comes big houses, flash cars, holidays in the South of France and skiing in Aspen, and so on.
I had a moment of clarity yesterday, that will define my life moving forward. I realized that I am not living the life I want to live and something has to change.
A lot of entrepreneurs understand money. How many understand what is the most important thing in life?
Under full disclosure, each week I look at our revenues for all offices and what profit each individual office makes. It is something that I have become accustomed to doing for quite some time and it is important that both myself and our internal accountant, who was formerly an accountant at EY, manage on a daily basis. 

Without profit, a professional services business is nothing.
Living a limitless life is extraordinary
I never dreamed I would be living the life that I do. I grew up in humble beginnings and although I always knew I had a brain, I never dared dream to live a life more than what was most obvious and in front of me.
What Happens When You Are Having A Midlife Crisis?
I always like to hit the hard topics, because quite frankly they stir the pot and create discussion - which is exactly what I want this blog to do.
Never Settle In Any Aspect Of Your Life - I haven't, and I have No Regrets
Have you ever wondered why you are where you are today? Why the choices you made or perhaps were made for you, led you to a life that you are living?
When To Listen, And When To Ignore
Life is one rollercoaster ride that just keeps going round and round. If you ever stop and get off, and wait a few moments, you either wonder whether you enjoyed it better being on the roller coast or whether or not standing still was and is a better option.

A catalyst for many things in life is change. Do we want change, or do we want to keep doing the same things we've always done. You know that saying "If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten." Tony Robbins nailed it with that one and I hear it over and over again, only to be reminded of how true this saying really is.
Who are you really? Do you know?
I've had a 24-hour overload of over-thinking, self-criticism, insight reviewing - that really has sucked.

I am not one to complain, because let's face it - who wants to listen to anyone complain? I don't even want to hear myself complain... it's dull, and definitely not respectful to all the good things that go on in life.
The Magic That Only Chemistry Can Do: Thomas Edison
After spending 4 days in New York, I am reminded once more the value of chemistry. If you are anything like me, each and every time I fly into New York, I fall madly in love once again with the city that never sleeps.

New York is more than just another city in the big world we live in. It is a city with so much hope, excitement and opportunity, that even people that have glasses half empty, have to at the very least appreciate.
What You Should Know When Creating A Brand Identity
Our extraordinary client Fabricare Center is Marketing Eye's featured guest blog of the week. The exceptional Dry Cleaner is opening their second location in the Sandy Springs area at the end of March. Check them out if you live in Atlanta, they offer free pickup and delivery.

Improving the quality and care of your garments has and will always their top priority. Not only have they been focused on expansion and having a wider reach within the community, but they have recently undergone a branding refresh. After 40 years of service it was time for a new look and feel. Yes, their is new branding and a new location, but the same great service still exists.
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