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Winning over prospective customers is never an easy task. You have to demonstrate that you are capable of delivering on what your product promises. Writing case studies are a perfect way to showcase your company’s ability to follow through on what you provide. A case study examines the customer’s challenge or pain point and what it took to get a solution. They can vary in length, but the case study should measure success using metrics that your client has agreed upon. A well-written case study shows the positive impact your business has on your customer base. Below, we discuss how to write a case study that will attract new leads.

Writing an Effective Case Study

Determine the objective

First off, we need to decide what the case study is going to accomplish. What will the client have accomplished by the end of the study? What is this study going to say to the readers? What are you trying to prove to your prospects? These are only some of the questions you need to answer in this first step, as long as you are featuring one of your client’s objectives.

Find the right candidate

Picking the right candidate is a critically important part of writing a case study. Before you even start writing, get permission from the client first. When selecting the candidate for the case study, pick a customer that deeply understands your product or service. The more they can speak to what your solution does, the more value your case study will have for those who read it. It’s also essential that the case study covers a client with the best results—the better the results, the stronger the case study.

Ask the right questions

Without the right questions in place, it’s going to be easy for your case study not to show the best side of what your company offers. The questions you ask your clients are meant to give you insights into how your processes worked for them, what they were accomplished with your product, and how it’s set them up for the future. Use questions like:

  • What challenges were you experiencing before purchasing our product or service?
  • What made us stand out from our competitors?
  • What guided your decision?
  • How have you benefitted from using our product?

Publish and promote

Once you have finished the case study, make sure that people know it exists! There are many ways to promote your case study, but the easiest is to host it on your company website. A lot of companies devote entire pages to customer case studies, as a way for prospects to peruse the success stories of your clients. Additionally, you can publish your case studies in a blog, where you can even require an email address for a downloadable file. Anyone interested enough to have a case study emailed to them is interested enough to contact more information. No matter how you choose to promote your case studies, make sure that they are in a prominent place for people to find them.

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