Do you ever wonder whether or not you are being the best leader you can be in your workplace? Could your company have higher ROI’s and greater efficiency if you tweaked your leadership style a bit? Do you have to change who you are for the sake of success?

Why Leadership is Overrated

One of the biggest lies spread by the corporate world is that you have to be a dominant, extroverted, and charming leader in order to reserve your place in the C-suite. This is FALSE. Stereotypical leadership is overrated. The best leaders know themselves and have thoroughly developed their own 
personal brand. That is the real key. By knowing your personal strengths and how your brand is projected to others, you can improve employer-employee relationships, and create and manage strong tactical teams. 

Sometimes, before marketing your product, you have to market yourself. And how might you do this? The first step is to analyze your personality traits. Consider checking out these quick personality tests that will have you on the path to developing your personal brand. 

The Myer-Briggs Type Indicator

This personality test is based on the ideas of the founder of analytical psychology, Carl Jung. It indicates if people are:
  • Introverts or extroverts
  • Prone to intuition or sensing
  • Prone to feeling or thinking.
This is great for businesses because it is one of the most reliable tests that consider personality differences and what truly motivates you. This motivation can be harnessed for the best outcome in a corporate setting. 

Disc Assessment

Developed by psychologist William Marston and Walter Clarke, this test was created to more specifically analyze overall behavior. It hones in on traits such as:
  • Dominance
  • Inducement
  • Submission
  • Compliance.
It is perfect for personal branding. Once you know your central trait, you can truly understand why you react to different situations at work, and how you can interact better with your team to develop a sound solution. 


It is rare to find a personality test that delves into as much depth as this one. Once you complete this quiz and determine which one out of the nine personality types you have, you can explore the thorough insights into the traits that make up each type. 

This is tremendously beneficial to business because the research outlines:
  • Who your type is most likely to get along with
  • How you deal with stress
  • What your greatest fear is.
This will help you project the best aspects of your character, and use them the most effectively to lead those at your work. 


Now, while this test does come with a price tag, it is worth every penny. It helps you discover your natural strengths and outlines specific strategies that you can follow to improve them. It also comes with a book with anecdotes about principal business leaders in the world and how their personality type aided them on their journeys to the top.

Because it is based on positive psychologyencouraging you to focus on your strengths instead of weaknessesit is designed to help you become your best self. No longer do you have to conform to the stereotypes of what you think a leader should be. You can augment your own leadership style while building a personal brand to present to your employees. 

The Big Five Personality Test

This examination focuses on how you work and communicate with others by evaluating your elements of:
  • Extraversion
  • Agreeableness
  • Neuroticism
  • Conscientiousness
  • Openness to experience.
The Big Five aims to help you discover what type of work environment suits you and your employees best. Big Five, like the Enneagram, has extensive research and analysis available on each type, where you can learn all about your personality and how it manifests in different aspects of your life. 

Once you know your personal brand, then you can start successfully building and branding your company. But, trust me, there’s no test for that. However, there are experts. Here at Marketing Eye, we know how to build brands that perfectly reflect you and your business. We are leaders in our industry; let us help you build your brand and become leaders in yours. Give us a call today for a free consultation.
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