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With all of the social media platforms available to everyone in 2020, it can be hard for businesses (especially in the B2B sector) to find a way to break through the mold. Because there’s an oversaturation of businesses vying for the attention of their customers and new lead, B2B marketers have to know exactly where to invest their time and energy. B2B marketing involves three social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. But are all of these platforms a great fit for your B2B marketing efforts? For B2B marketers, LinkedIn is by far the most trusted channel. Below, we have a few reasons why you should trust LinkedIn as your social media platform in 2020. 

Why B2B Marketers Should Be Using LinkedIn

 Connecting With Leads

LinkedIn provides companies with an excellent opportunity to connect and network with leads after they visit their website. Companies can use retargeting ads to connect the lead with a sales representative. Through LinkedIn, you can also learn more about the companies that your leads work for and where your company can help.

Paid Social Advertising

LinkedIn has features like Sponsored InMail and Sponsored Content to advertise events, content, and products and services throughout the buyer’s journey. These tools are useful for B2B marketers who are trying to spread their branding and product details. If you can turn connections into customers, Sponsored messages are worth the extra charge. 

Influencer Marketing

Instagram isn’t the only place for influencers! B2B companies can greatly benefit from influencer marketing, even if it might be intimidating for people who don’t usually put themselves in the spotlight. While it may not look like the influencer marketing on Instagram, lead marketers, CEOs, Presidents, VPs, and sales team leaders can establish themselves as an industry thought leader through their LinkedIn profiles. Posting webinars, industry trends, and even some useful tips are great ways to engage followers and bring in a new audience. Their activity on LinkedIn is a great way to increase online brand recognition and bring in new leads. 

Video Marketing

Video is a perfect tool for LinkedIn! Branded videos are great distilling useful company information quickly and creatively. It’s much more likely to grab viewers’ attention than a regular text post, which could plant seeds of recognition for later. People engage with stories, and videos allow you to tell fun, creative stories about your brand in a unique way. Show the personality and character of your company in just a few moments to win over the customer. Additionally, LinkedIn now has a broadcasting feature for certain individuals. This is another great way to engage with your connections and develop conversations about what your company does. 

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