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In most cases, marketing campaigns don’t pick up traction and become successful on their own. The majority have a vast amount of time, money and planning put into them and curated in such a way that they gain the attention desired. 

There is no right or wrong way to approach a marketing campaign. Some tactics will work better in some campaigns and some that would be more appropriate in others. When it comes to knowing an approach to take, it can sometimes be a matter of trial and error. 

Several marketing campaigns were released in 2021 that made our heads turn and go, “wow”. Take Sephora’s “Black Beauty is Beauty” campaign. The video campaign, which was launched in August of 2021 set to acknowledge and give credit to people of color within the beauty industry. 

What Made the Best Marketing Campaigns of 2021 Successful

In the beauty industry, people of color are often overlooked and are only thought of after the fact. In 2018, beauty brand Tarte Cosmetics released the Shape Tape Foundation, in two different formulas, however, the shade range lacked options for people of color.  

The brand faced backlash from members of the beauty community, and in response, announced that ten more shades would be later released to accommodate people of color. Tarte once again proved to the beauty community that being inclusive of people of color was simply an afterthought. 

Sephora’s campaign gave light to people of color in the beauty industry, showcasing their talents, skills, and knowledge. Public response to this campaign was incredibly positive, with many coming out in support of Sephora for making a stance against exclusivity within the beauty industry. 

So how did Sephora do it? How did Sephora create one of the most successful video campaigns of 2021? It all comes back to basics. Sephora didn’t do anything out of the ordinary or something that we’ve never seen before, but rather, kept it simple.

So, what did Sephora do and how can you do the same when it comes to creating a successful marketing campaign? 

Understanding Your Audience

Before you get down to the nitty-gritty of it all, you have to start with understanding your audience. It’s talked about time and time again, but your campaign won’t have the opportunity to be successful if you don’t know who your audience is.

Understanding who you’re marketing to is crucial in building the foundations of your campaign. It will help ensure your campaign has a solid base and make sure it's heading in the right direction. Don’t just use the audience outlined in your marketing strategy, take it back to the beginning and understand exactly who will be interested in the product you aim to sell through your marketing campaign. 

Make your content appealing 

On average, we’re exposed to up to 10,000 advertising messages each day. To stick out from the rest, it’s important to make your content appealing. This can be done through the use of appeals. 

Playing on consumers' emotions will not only help you deliver a specific message to your audience, but also make the campaign memorable, and warrant a response. By properly appealing to your audience, you’re able to draw them into your world, and ideally, have them continue to support your business. 

Follow up 

Once you’ve offered your content, your main concern is now creating a relationship with your audience. They’re engaged with you, so now what? It’s important to meet the expectations of your consumers, so understanding what they now want from you is crucial. 

As you continue to interact with your audience, you begin to build rapport and become trusted by them. When it comes to thinking about who to buy from, they’re come to you first, helping you gain business over your competitors. 

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