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Are you building a marketing team? To create a capable B2B marketing team that can deliver what your company needs, you need to know the precise characteristics you should look for. Every sports team has a specific person in a particular position. Otherwise, your team loses the game. Marketing works just like this! But it’s not as easy to know what you’re looking for when you’re in a B2B marketing environment. Below, we have some outlines of specific people you should look for to build your brand.

What It Takes to Build an Effective B2B Marketing Team

The Researcher

Data is the key to unlocking your marketing mysteries. Making data-driven decisions is such a useful skill because of what the data can unlock for your company. Data tells you what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t work. Finding team members that enjoy sifting through the data is a considerable hiring win because they can prove the success of your marketing efforts with the information they collect. The Researcher is a vital part of any organization, as they are the unseen heroes that spend their time digging into our processes. If there is something that doesn’t work in your company, The Researcher will reveal it.

The Mad Scientist

You need people who are willing and ready to change the rules of your marketing game. The Mad Scientist will take the results of the data provided by The Researcher and concoct new experiments for your marketing campaigns. You want people who aren’t afraid to take risks and try a couple of different approaches that separate them from the norm. It may take some time before they figure out a method that is successful but finding the successful path will be worth the wait. Someone who can continually change the formula of their approach is an incredibly valuable skill that can be hard to come by.

The Storyteller

Every great team has someone who can capture the attention of your audience. The Storyteller will be able to capture even the most robust leads with a simple story. To be clear, simple isn’t a bad thing or even an easy thing. This person would move past the basic descriptions of products and services to find what makes your organization special. They are, after all, telling your story. Whatever that maybe, it’s interesting to someone! There are always twists, drama and hope in running a company. Choose a person who can find those stories and bring them to life in a new and exciting way.

The Digital Mastermind

None of your marketing efforts will be possible without someone who understands the digital channels for your marketing efforts. Whether it’s your social media accounts, your website or even an email campaign, the Digital Mastermind should be able to manage all of your digital channels to utilize them to their very best potential. A highly qualified Digital Mastermind will not only manage those channels but also combine and support the efforts of your Storyteller, Mad Scientist and Researcher to make sure the right people see them.

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