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What is conversational commerce, and how is it helping marketing

Are you finding website pop-ups and banners annoying? These aggressive ads may make customers lose their appetite in their journey shopping. Different from them, conversational commence offers your customers digital services that enable you to talk to each of your customers at once.

Conversations can happen anywhere customers are, such as on social media, messaging apps, and your website. Chatbots will be the receptionists when facing customers, and live agents or both will answer further requests.

Imagine walking into a store and finding nobody is greeting you or showing enthusiasm. How frustrated would you be? Even if you want something but need to learn how to buy it. Isn't it ridiculous? Without conversational commences, this happens in online retail stores all the time. Therefore, always appreciate the utilization of chatbots.

So, what is conversational commerce? 

Conversational commerce (or conversational marketing) means using conversations to serve customers better. For example, if you purchase something online and you have basic inquiries, like "when will my order be dispatched," "How long is the shipping," and "what is my order number." A chatbot can quickly give you accurate answers according to your information. In addition, the chatbot will lead you to live service agents if you need another solution. In such situations, conversational commerce makes it possible to serve a large scale of customers at any time. 

Why is conversational commerce important in marketing?

Conversational commerce is significant for eCommerce companies. Shopping online has become essential and shows value, especially during the global pandemic. As a result, chatbots can be implemented in different companies. Failure to provide chatbot service may lead to the loss of customers and competitiveness. Here are six reasons why your company needs conversational commerce in marketing.

Personalize your brand

As we know that humans trust humans. The gist of success lies in the way you approach your customers. Talking to an object can make your customer feel overlooked. As technology develops, many chatbots can now talk to customers like a human and even make conversations fun and interesting. Advanced chatbots based on machine learning can even analyze customers' sentiments and give them a proper response. 

Simplify your customers' shopping process

As always, customers would prefer to spend less time reading the instruction of your company or your products. You can set short and clear greeting sentences or reminders through chatbots while talking to customers. Chatbots can also enable you to make a quick introduction before customers make decisions. Besides, multilingual chatbots can speak different languages. Therefore, they can save the time and effort of both you and your customers.

Give instant customer support

When shopping, customers regard to speed, friendliness, and helpfulness as the top qualities of a company. With the help of chatbots, companies can respond to customers faster. Moreover, a chatbot won't feel tired, so they are perfect for dealing with after-hours requirements. Common questions can be answered right away, and for further queries, customers can be advised to book a call or appointment during working hours.

Drive sales through chats

Chatbots facilitate both brands and customers to learn more about each other. For example, when customers want a specific product type, they must tell the chatbot, and the outcomes received. It means they no longer need to search in the store or feel confused about choosing the best product. This process will bring positive sales as customers are likelier to buy and return when brands seem eager to help.

Reduce order cancellation

In eCommerce, abandoned shopping charts indicate the industry loses $18 billion annually. Through chatbots, you can send customers who leave shopping carts reminders to remind them to complete their orders. In addition, you can check what has stopped customers from buying and finishing the deal. For example, if a product is sold out, a chatbot can provide customers with links directly to similar products. 

Collect data and feedback

Except requires, your company must have received complaints along with praises. The feedback is of great significance to your business. Chatbots can ensure that your customer relationships can continue once the purchase completes. Automating follow-ups after purchases will be an excellent chance for you to know your customers. Since 63% of customers are willing to offer more personal information if they have a great experience, it is wise to analyze reviews or feedback to save live agents valuable time and improve customer experience. 

In summary, conversational commerce can optimize your brand persona, make your customer's life easier, respond to your customer instantly, boost your sales, reduce abandoned shopping carts, and collect customer feedback. 

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