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Planning a wedding is very stressful. Everyone you know has an opinion, anyone you talk to will give you advice, and your family, well… you know them, they fall into a category all on their own. There are so many things you need to get together, a venue, dress, photographer, food, cake, DJ or band, etc. Then you have to consider the wedding invitations. In putting together mine I approached it in a similar way I would approach an email campaign.
What Do Wedding Invites and Email Campaigns Have In Common?

 1.  Budget
This is probably more important with wedding invitations, but still has to be considered when beginning your email campaign. What service do you want to use? There are so many choices, MailChimp, Constant Contact, Aweber, etc. Most of these have free plans but to really take advantage of all the features they ask for a few bucks in return.

Obviously wedding invitations can dramatically range in price. I suggest not even looking at the beautiful foil prints or laser edging if you have a minimal budget. There are some beautiful options of templates out there or if you happen to know a good designer you can customize it and print it anywhere.

 2.  Design
That brings me to my second point, design. The design of your email campaign as well as your wedding invitation really has to reflect the brand or feel of your wedding or your company. We always say at Marketing Eye that consistency is key in a brand. There’s no difference in branding a wedding.

 3.  The List
Who you are going to send your email to is just as important as who you are going to invite to your wedding. With my wedding guest list I created a Google excel sheet with four pages, one for me, one for my fiancé, one for my parents and one for his parents. My list is segmented in a way that everyone can see who is on everyone else's list and can have a clear idea of how many people they can invite. They also can see when I mark someone out. :)

Your email list should be just as thoroughly cleaned and vetted as your wedding guest list. You need to be sure they are the right audience for what you want to send, and what you are sending matches with where/how you acquired their information.

 4.  Action
The action seems pretty obvious for both of these, RSVP or “click here.” However, you may choose for people to RSVP on a wedding website in lieu of sending in a card. Either way you must make the email and your invitation have a clear Call To Action.

 5.  Send
You have your design, you have your list, it’s time to stuff everything in an envelope and get in their inbox or mailbox. Getting everything addressed and stamped can be daunting but you will be happy when they are off your dining room table and in the mailbox.
Proofreading and testing and proofreading and testing again can be frustrating but having everything together with a perfect subject line and hitting send is very rewarding for every campaign.

 6.  Measure
The measurements for an email campaign are much more instantaneous than the wedding invites. You can practically instantly see your delivery rate and bounce rate whereas with an invite you have to wait to for “return to senders.” The CTR will track as soon as it happens but the RSVP’s will drip back to you at a snail mail pace. Either way you have a clear way of measuring your success rate.

In truth sending anything important for your business or personal life will take some time to put together. If you want a good response you need to be honest, genuine, and true to yourself or your business.

We can’t help you much with your wedding invitations but if you would like some help with your email campaigns give us a call (404) 626-8070 or emails us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and wish me luck with my invites.
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