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Marketing to seniors isn’t old news; however, just like the millennial generation and generation X, senior citizens are adapting and evolving to marketing tactics more quickly than we give them credit. It can be tough to effectively communicate your message to them because they were born into a different time, but are also a part of today’s ever-changing world.

You can’t afford to just look past this powerful demographic, even if senior citizens take longer than your average consumer to make a buying decision. This well-aged group has 77% of the wealth in the United States. To get you on your way, here are five tips that can help you engage those seniors.
Trust Me, They Can Hear You Just Fine

 1.  Keep It Simple

Sensory overload is the last thing that seniors want to deal with. The Old Spice commercials would probably leave a bad taste in their mouths. Condense your message and give them one or two actions to take. Simplicity is your greatest friend when marketing to the masses, but this is especially true about your elders.

 2.  Ensure Quality Personal Service

Do not fall into the trap of pushing a price point too early with seniors. More than anything, senior citizens want to be sure that the good or service they are examining is worth their purchase. They will have a plethora of questions and criticisms too, so having exceptional, personal customer service and feedback is crucial when marketing to senior citizens.

 3.  Capitalize on Word-of-Mouth

More so than other consumers, seniors are fiercely loyal to brands, products, and services that have served them well. Some of the farthest carrying reviews have likely been spread by a chain of senior citizens. When a brand is reliable, seniors let their friends and family know immediately.

 4.  Do NOT Insult Them

No, I am not talking about name-calling or making jokes about their age. Seniors don’t want their hands to be held during the buying process. As they approach the point in their life when their cognitive skills begin to diminish, seniors take pride in being able to support themselves and display their independence. Give them room to take the message in, learn by themselves, and monitor their understanding so you know when you need to step in and how much they need your help.

 5.  Use Facebook

It is adorable watching Granny caption all twenty pictures of the same tomato stalk, but do not miss out on the big picture. Roughly half of the 74 and older demographic now uses social media, and they are the fastest growing demographic there.

Regardless of the good or service that you provide, it takes a little extra elbow grease to keep those experienced shoppers satisfied. These tips will go a long way towards reaching the senior citizen demographic and sustaining their purchasing needs.

Have you discovered any helpful tactics that bring those baby-boomers through the doors? Marketing Eye has experience in multiple industries that sell to the senior demographic and can help turn those experienced skeptics into loyal customers.

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