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I once heard the analogy that starting a business is like solving a Rubik’s cube and it knocked me off my feet with its accuracy. As the words rolled off the strangers tongue in front of me, I was immediately thrown back to a time where I was working in an overcrowded office/house alongside twelve other dedicated twenty-year-old somethings trying to build nothing into something incredible. 
The Similarities Between Solving a Rubik's Cube and Starting a Business

Starting a business, much like solving a Rubik’s cube, is no doubt a challenge and something most people will never do. One wrong move, and you might have to pivot, backtrack, or start from scratch. Along your journey, you may get frustrated and put it down a few times, but you always pick it back up. 

You see, the main similarity about being an entrepreneur and solving a Rubik’s cube is the feeling of accomplishment you receive from the experience.

When running the PR for an Atlanta technology startup, I remember how exciting all the “firsts” were:
  • The first time our app could be downloaded for beta testing
  • The first time our website was published
  • The first time we pitched our product at the Atlanta Technology Village
  • Receiving our Patent and Trademark
  • Receiving our first game-changing investment
  • Hosting our first launch event in Manhattan, NYC
  • Our first time attending an award ceremony as a finalist
  • The first time an article was posted about us in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Now working for a marketing agency, I find I have a sweet spot for those startups experiencing all of their firsts. I feel very blessed to be apart of your courageous journey and be able to help you achieve your goals because I am all too familiar with the feeling. 

The countless of all-nighters preparing for presentations, the hundreds of hours where passion was your income, the exhaustion of working multiple jobs to survive, and the feeling of failure time and time again. 

Aren't you finally ready to start feeling the results of your hard earned success? 

For me, my sweet spot is for entrepreneurs and startups. For one of my colleges, his sweet spot is finance, for another its supply chain and logistics. At Marking Eye, we are a diverse team of people with different backgrounds but we all share a passion for one thing: helping your business achieve your “firsts”. 

So whether you would like to enhance your public relations efforts, build brand awareness, increase lead generation, get a website developed, or expand your network, contact our passionate team today so we can help you solve your Rubik’s cube.
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