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Last week I was chatting to one of my staff members and all of a sudden it occurred to me... it's better the devil you know.
The boomerang marketing approach - how it works

When you work in marketing, so often your salary is forever capped unless you get one of those coveted roles at Facebook, Google or a Top 100 company globally. 

It's not that marketing isn't respected. In fact, I believe today more than ever it is. However, if truth be told, a business doesn't live or die on marketing alone, however, if a sales person doesn't sell, then that's a different story. No sales, means a sure death by default.

The maximum salary for a marketing manager

As a small to medium sized business owner, I know that our marketing consultants at any of our marketing agencies in the world can only be paid according to what they bill, and given the fact that we have ensured that an outsourced marketing department is affordable, it means that $150,000 would be the maximum.

Licensees are getting the fruits of a fast-growing, highly receptive brand, that the market identifies with. In 12-months, it is easy for a marketing manager to achieve a sales per month (minimum) and that means $360,000 in revenue. Quite often, our business is so busy, we throw the licensees clients and they actually don't bring in any of their own, because they are on a gravy train. 

$360,000 for a side job - not bad!

Is this fair to our staff? No, it isn't. So in lieu of that, on the spare of the moment, the idea popped into my head "employees should be allowed to be licensees on the side". In their spare time or through unpaid leave, they should be able to start a Marketing Eye business on the side and reap the benefits. Imagine getting $360,000 on the side of your day job? 

So there we started what we now call an in-house experiment; giving employees the time off they need to grow a Marketing Eye business on the side. It's quite genius because everyone wins and current clients still get the benefit of having them on their account, driving marketing outcomes.

Own your own marketing business

It also gives marketers who dream of owning their own business incentive to join in and benefit from the Marketing Eye unique value proposition.

This boomerang approach to employees working with clients consulting, then owning their own business, while staying full-time at Marketing Eye, and staying with the company long-term.

It's simply a win/win for everyone involved!
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