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Are you new to the construction scene or has your company been around for years? Either way, it is essential that you withhold effective marketing strategies to promote your company effectively.

Most effective marketing strategies for a construction company

Construction businesses on every scale of the spectrum require an immense amount of work including legal proceedings, purchasing large raw materials and dealing with fluctuating costs. Amongst all these important factors, companies are left with little time to put an effective marketing plan in place. Like any other business today, strong and efficient marketing strategies are essential for a construction business to succeed.

Bring your business online

The first step in effectively marketing your construction company is to bring your business online whilst improving its SEO. Think about it, when an individual is seeking out any sort of service, the first place they will jump to find it is Google. A simple yet effective way of creating a prominent presence online is to set up google ads. When configured correctly, a link to your website and phone number will appear on a potential customers browser when searching “construction company near me,” leading to the likeliness of increasing the click rate on your website link.

Include staff in your marketing campaign

To stand out in a competitive market, it is essential you build trust between you and your potential customer. An effective way to do this is to show who you and your team are. Upload team photos and videos so clients can get a proper feel for your company. Adding a human element into your marketing strategy creates a more personal and engaging experience for anyone who comes across your business.

Post previous work on social media

Engage with potential customers by showcasing previous work you and your company have completed. This gives your audience an understanding of the genre and quality of work you produce assisting them in deciding if your company aligns with their desires. Customers are more likely to select a construction company that produces reliable work on their website, rather than one that has no previous work available. Ultimately, if you produce brand integrity, customers are more willing to trust your company.

Maintain positive relationships with previous customers

The most important customer is the one that has used your services before. These are the people you rely on to come back and utilize your services again, whilst also spreading positive feedback to their friends and family. If you provide a very average service to your customer, they are most likely not going to come back and are unlikely to recommend your company to their peers.

An effective way to maintain positive customer relationships is to follow up on a service you completed to see how the customer is finding everything, if they require any new work or if they just need help with anything. Showing customers, you truly care about providing them with quality services, strengthens their trust and their loyalty to your business. 

Create a blog!

Today, most people relate blog posts to fashion, cooking, lifestyle, and fitness however blogs can be beneficial for a variety of different businesses outside of those genres. Essentially, blog posts showcase an individuals or groups knowledge on a specific topic and factors in relation to that topic.

Including blog posts on a construction companies website shows potential customers that your business genuinely knows what they are doing, strengthening your company’s reputation. In addition to this, uploading blogs to your website is a strategic way to improve your SEO. 

Partner up with other trade businesses

Like any company, maximum brand recognition is the goal to gain as many customers are possible. Although improving your company’s SEO and being sure to have a prominent social media presence is important, collaborating with other trading businesses exposes your business to a variety of other markets. It creates opportunity for cross promotion ultimately creating wider customer reach.

Due to the ever-growing competitive market amongst all businesses, it has never been more important for a business to withhold a strong marketing strategy. It is imperative for construction businesses to understand that all marketing tactics apply to them in the same way they do for other genres of businesses. Ultimately building trust between you and your customer is what will help drive sales. However, gaining trust comes from implementing strong marketing methods such as, creating a warm and inviting website showcasing previous work as well as presenting to your audience who your friendly and reliable staff members are.

Image credit: Scott Blake

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