Like many businesses, there is never enough time to get all the marketing done that needs to be completed, and quite often businesses either don’t have the excess funds to hire a full-time marketing executive, or they don’t wish to have another headcount.

Marketing Eye Executive Marketing Strategies

At Marketing Eye, we have marketing executives who undertake training and development and are supervised by a marketing manager, that are able to be hired by companies for the equivalent of one day per week.

This means that they will be trained to:

  • Conduct a marketing workshop
  • Write your marketing strategy
  • Implement your marketing strategy
    • Website updates
    • Blogging
    • Content writing
    • Public relations
    • Social media calendars
    • Search engine optimization strategies
    • Graphic design
    • Organization of events
    • Marketing automation
    • LinkedIn messaging and lead generation
    • Social media optimization of profiles
    • Lead generation campaigns
    • Email marketing
  • Reporting on monthly activities for management meetings

Each marketing executive will undertake training across all disciplines and will be able to add value to your marketing efforts. They will seek proofreading and guidance from marketing managers on the Marketing Eye team to ensure that all of your marketing efforts are up to the highest of standards.

Our marketing executives have been hired because they are talented and passionate about marketing. They will only work with four companies so that they can become better marketers and learn industry sectors in-depth.

Each week, in their own time, they will undergo training and development. This will benefit your company and give them a clear pathway to becoming a great marketer.

For a $3000 retainer, you can have a marketing executive devote 20 hours a month to your strategy and implementation processes. If you are interested in having a Marketing Eye marketing executive working on your marketing, please let us know. Contact us online, or call 404-626-8070 to set up a meeting with a marketing manager.
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Marketing Eye

The Marketing Eye Atlanta team has a combined 35+ years experience in marketing and communications. Marketing Eye Atlanta is well-known for high performance, technology-driven marketing campaigns that deliver results. The team members are experts in all facets of the marketing mix including strategy development, content marketing, branding, website development, public relations, social media, digital marketing, SEO, lead generation, direct marketing, etc.

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