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Growing businesses typically feel an immense amount of strain on a day-to-day basis, particularly when it comes to marketing. There are simply not enough hours in the day to tackle all of the bigger picture tasks that your company requires while maintaining a consistent marketing cadence. In some cases, businesses have marketing departments that either lack the staff, resources, or workforce to carry out any sort of comprehensive marketing campaign. If your business is struggling to put together a practical marketing approach, it might be the perfect time to consider outsourcing your marketing needs. An outsourced marketing department can support the needs and vision of your business, allowing you to focus on generating revenue and growing your business. Below, we have some specific suggestions on what types of marketing work well when outsourced.

Marketing Efforts That Can Be Outsourced

 Content Marketing

Content marketing works to establish your brand as an expert in your industry. While you might be perfectly capable of creating content to share with your audience, an agency that specializes in writing content for businesses could leverage your story in a new and refreshing way. Finding a marketing agency that can fully immerse themselves in your industry and write thoughtful, informative content pieces can elevate and streamline your story in a way that brings in a completely new audience.

 Social Media

Much like content marketing, a company social media account could efficiently be run by an in-house team of people. But many companies don't have the bandwidth for a comprehensive social media strategy, or the budget to hire a full-time social manager. With an outsourced marketing agency, your company could benefit from an engaged social media audience. Even with a social media team, an agency can build a recommended social content calendar and help to automate any inhouse social posts that your team suggests. If nothing else, it's an excellent opportunity to collaborate with social media experts on the best practices and tactics to optimize your social accounts.

Email Marketing

A successful email marketing strategy is a great way to raise brand awareness, but it takes time to pull together all of the required pieces. Outsourcing the creation and setup of automated email marketing campaigns can ease the administrative burden of running an email marketing campaign on your own. By partnering with an agency, your email campaigns will be in the hands of professionals who know precisely how and when to engage your audience.

Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy should address every stage of the buyer's journey, and it might be the most difficult inhouse operation to complete. Outsourcing your marketing strategy will essentially put the direction of all of your marketing efforts in the hands of the professionals that understand innovations in the industry and how to implement creative new ways to market your company.

How Marketing Eye Atlanta Can Help

Outsourcing your marketing efforts can be a very profitable opportunity for businesses that are either looking to grow their brand awareness or elevate their current operations. Marketing Eye is the ideal marketing partner for small to medium-sized companies that want to take overcome their marketing obstacles and challenges. Our consultative approach allows us to develop a strategy that addresses your pain points and aligns with your vision. Contact Marketing Eye today to learn how we can help you.
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The Marketing Eye Atlanta team has a combined 35+ years experience in marketing and communications. Marketing Eye Atlanta is well-known for high performance, technology-driven marketing campaigns that deliver results. The team members are experts in all facets of the marketing mix including strategy development, content marketing, branding, website development, public relations, social media, digital marketing, SEO, lead generation, direct marketing, etc.

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