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Digitally savvy customers are expecting more from the companies that are trying to sell to them. It isn’t enough to offer a product they need – today’s customer is looking for a simple, intuitive solution to their complex problems. They know that while you may offer the product they need, there are at least 10 other companies who can provide that product as well. So how can marketers implement an advanced lead generation strategy to attract new leads? Below, we have 4 ways that businesses can improve their lead generation strategies to attract more leads.

Improving Your Lead Generation Efforts

1. Identify Target Customers

First, you need to identify your target customers to establish deeper relationships with them. To identify the target customers, your team needs to look at the characteristics of your target customers. Take the data from your existing contact forms, information from sign-ups, and newsletters. Create the buyer personas from these characteristics, segmenting each persona based on what their needs and expectations. Use an automation tool to streamline this process, allowing your team to focus on creating content for each segment. 

2. Create engaging content

Implement a strategy for engaging content that is geared towards the interests and expectations of your audience. Investing your time into a content strategy is the very best way to target your buyer personas. Creating quality, engaging content that is geared towards your audience is one of the best ways to generate interest in your company. If the company is the vehicle to take your brand from customer to customer, content marketing is the fuel that drives the company. Consider how your blogs, articles, and case studies can propel your company forward. A good content strategy now will only benefit your company later by influencing future purchases. 

3. Social media campaigns
Social media is an invaluable tool for lead generation because of its ability to increase your brand awareness for new audiences that you might not have been able to reach before. Through sponsored ad campaigns, social content calendars, and even organic direct messaging, social media is a great way to engage with new leads and set up meetings for a potential sale.

4. Increase traffics across channels

Today’s customers want to see that a company can balance technological convenience and relationship-driven engagement to show that they understand their customer’s needs. Creating an engaging experience across all of your company channels is a great opportunity to drive customer engagement. Audiences engage with brands across multiple channels, so it’s important to create a blanketed approach to making your channels more engaging.

5. Convert visitors to leads

Converting visitors to leads is the final step to improving your lead generation strategy. Visitors become leads when they decide to submit more information. This happens when they fill out forms to access white papers and eBooks, or when they respond to CTAs, offers, and forms on a landing page. Use an automation tool to more effectively distribute your content and connect with your customers. The more insights you have on customer behavior the more targeted your efforts can be.

Are you looking to increase your lead generation efforts? Marketing Eye is a results-driven marketing agency that is dedicated to supporting the business needs of small to medium-sized businesses. Contact our team today to see how you can implement an improved lead generation strategy.

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