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Plenty of companies go through brand transformations every year, but what exactly does that look like? More often than not, brands fall back on changing or updating the logo with a new color scheme. This is a great step forward by any metric, but it should never stop with a newish logo. A rebrand should be treated as a complete company brand overhaul, a revolution of your company’s messaging and branding. Your logo design will play a part in this, but it’s only a piece of the greater objective. Any brand changes should be seen as an exciting and new opportunity for your company and your employees to improve the overall customer experience. It’s not products that are selling these days; it’s the experience a company provides. In this blog, we’ve got a few ideas to ensure a successful brand relaunch.

How to Rebrand Your Company

 Use your story

Your company’s story is such an integral part of who you are and where you have come from. Now, it’s time to make it a part of your future as well. Take the story of your company and frame it in the lens of potential growth going forward. Audiences are compelled to act when they can emotionally connect to a narrative they believe in. Make that your narrative! Use your story to energize each strategic initiative and make it the lifeblood of your new direction.

Boost employee engagement

Once your rebranding initiatives start rolling, don’t forget to engage the most important aspect of your company: the employees. Your team is the brand’s most loyal ambassadors, and they need to be with you every step of the way. If you want to improve your customer’s experience, start with improving employee engagement. An engaged employee usually results in a high-performing employee. As long as your employees are on board with the direction your brand is going in, their relations with the customer will improve. This is what the customer experience is all about!

Timing is everything

There’s no greater risk to the launch of your rebranded company than the wrong timing. Every individual piece needs to be in place so that your launch is pulled off without a hitch. Even if some pieces of your rebranding are ready before the others, resist the temptation to move forward until everything is ready. If your website launches without all of the completed pages, your launch is going to look hurried and unprofessional. Nothing will kill a rebranding initiative faster than an awkward launch day.

Consider the launch of the Disney streaming service last November. Everyone was so excited to have access to all of the classic and new Disney content, but for a lot of customers, the app was unusable for several days. Their servers couldn’t handle the influx of subscribers trying to use the app at one time, which resulted in spotty service and a glitchy application. Prepare for every possible scenario and only launch when everything is ready.

Embrace the change

Launch day is the first step forward for your company, so it’s crucial to make it count. While everything might go smoothly at first, be prepared to make changes based on the customer’s experience. There will always be a piece of the business that needs adjustments and retooling. The important thing here is to embrace all of the changes a rebranding will require. A successful rebranding will not only change the face of your company; it’s going to change everything. Be ready to change with it.

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