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Now that we’re in 2020, it’s time to start thinking about the next generation of consumers: Generation Z. Born between 1994 and 2014, Gen Z will soon be flooding the market and the workplace. As the first generation to have immediate access to technology for most of their lives, marketers have to completely rethink their approach. If we want to tap into this new audience, we need to understand what they care about, how they consume information, and how to close the deal. 

How to Reach Gen Z

Drop the traditional marketing methods

Traditional marketing simply won’t work on Gen Z. Your marketing efforts will be much more effective if they can make a connection to your campaign. Gen Z wants products and services to provide value. If their needs aren’t being met, why would they continue to pay for it? Marketing and sales will have to work harder to make sales because they have to prove the value of their product. A storytelling approach could prove to be very effective among Gen Z customers. Explain what your product can do for them with a relevant and easy to understand sales pitch.

Create quick, effective content

Because Generation Z has grown up with instant access to an endless amount of information, they have a much smaller attention span. Engagement with Gen Z can get a little tricky, so it’s a great opportunity to get creative with the new marketing methods and tactics. Social media marketing is your friend! Social media, especially Instagram, is a great way to communicate what your product does and who your company is in a short amount of time. Use these avenues to engage Gen Z customers where they’re at. 

Use each social platform differently

Again, social media is an incredible marketing tool. Each platform works differently, so you need to know how to optimize each platform to fully utilize its potential. Instagram is the place to put images and visual branding materials, but it’s also great for short videos and clickable ads. Instagram Stories constantly feature ads, which is a great opportunity for that quick and effective clickable content. Facebook and Twitter are great for more traditional online ads, but they can also help to facilitate a conversation with your current clients and potential leads. 

Sell the experience, not the product

At the end of the day, Generation Z isn’t interested in the hard sell. They are much more likely to purchase if you can sell them on the experience that your company can provide. Whether you offer a product or a service, it all comes down to how you can improve their quality of life. If you can provide evidence that your product will benefit them, it will be much easier to close the deal. 


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