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Enterprise technology and software companies have to approach marketing from different angles than your typical marketing departments. It is continuously evolving, and we need to be sure that we're utilizing tactics that generate results. The market is overly saturated for attention, with everyone pushing to get attention to their own companies. Here, we have four great ways to market your tech company better.

How to Market a Technology Company
  1. Original video content

Video marketing has become the go-to strategy for tech companies. Video opens up so many different options for tech companies, allowing you to easily explain your products and services, host webinars, instructional videos and even provide training for employees. With video, you can use the "show, don't tell" approach to communicating who you are to your audience. Engagement is critical here, so focus on making your videos entertaining and educational. Everyone loves a good story, and what better way to describe your product than to show your customers journey from fixing their problem with your solution. 

  1. Develop high-value content

When we talk about "high-value content", it's about telling the overall story of your company. Whether you are writing blogs, newsletters or other pieces of content, you are telling your story and the story of your product. Take the time to tell better, more exciting stories than your competitors. There is a reason that your company exists, a reason why your product is in your particular industry. The purpose of high-value content is to deliver value to your audience. If your organization isn't providing value, your leads won't be interested in moving to the next step. Also, when you give something of value to your audience, they begin to trust and view you as an expert. Providing valuable content creates a positive brand impression, which will significantly increase the likelihood of a conversion.

  1. Email marketing

An email marketing campaign is a great way to connect your audience to your product. Build up a base of subscribers and create an email campaign that frequently sends out tips, blogs, recent news in your industry and educational material. Take the time to align your email strategy with your content marketing practices, keeping your emails from sounding like a sales push. Additionally, you could also set your campaign to drip information as frequently as you'd like. These campaigns can be list specific so that you know the right audiences are getting the right materials.

  1. Interactivity

Technology markets have an exciting opportunity to implement interactive tools to measure audience engagement. Use calculators, infographics, quizzes, assessments or product tours to gauge what your audience is looking for and how easily they can convert to buyers. These tools can lend to more profound, more intentional engagement as well as higher quality lead generation. Interactive technologies are representative of the future of B2B enterprise technology marketing.

How Marketing Eye Atlanta Can Help
Marketing Eye is a technology specialized marketing firm with extensive experience in business to business marketing, taking your business to the next level. Since our inception, we have made it our business to be technology marketing leaders. We not only adopt new technologies faster than our competitors, but we also understand the changing dynamics of the technology industry and the importance of a strong, sustainable high growth marketing strategy. Contact Marketing Eye today to learn how we can help your company.

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