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Chatbots are here to usher in a new era of customer service! Are you ready? Customer service agents will always be needed for the human element of customer conversations, but a chatbot can significantly assist your customer service team. Customer service agents love automated services like this because it frees them up to focus on the bigger pieces of their work. It creates a win-win situation where the chances that a customer will have to call in for support are diminished while being more productive with the time of the customer service agents. Below, we have some ways that a chat could change the way your customer service operates.

How to Improve Your Customer Service with a Chatbot

 Create a seamless experience

A good chatbot is indistinguishable from a human sales representative. It’s able to create a seamless experience from the initiation of the conversation to the moment that the bot passes the conversation off to a sales rep. When you build your chatbot software, you must be implementing language and vocabulary tools that your users will understand. Once it’s active, it needs to know how to answer specific questions and how to assist the customer when they get stuck. Ideally, your chatbot should provide preliminary solutions and resources to the user before finally connecting the customer to a sales rep.

Make sure the users can see it

Your chatbot is of no use to your customers if they can’t see it. A chat widget is an easy solution to this, which provides a homepage icon that launches the chatbot when clicked. Customize the icon however you like but make it visible and usable. A chat widget will prevent your users from having to comb through your website to find a way to contact your team. 

Bots aren’t replacing humans

Your chatbot isn’t a replacement for your human sales representatives, so it needs to be able to contact your team quickly. The bot is excellent for determining the customer’s problem, but there should be a team on standby in case the bot can’t provide a solution. Train your team to look at the bot transcript so that the customer doesn’t have to repeat their problem multiple times. Look at your chatbot as a tool that begins the customer interaction.

Provide 24/7 support

One of the most significant benefits to a chatbot is that it can provide service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Whenever your customers are experiencing difficulties or have questions, they can connect with your chatbot for support. If the situation is too complicated for a chatbot to handle, it can create a ticket for a sales rep to connect with them once they return to the office.

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