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LinkedIn might be the first impression that people have of your company, and a great LinkedIn page makes an excellent impression with any potential leads that might be looking for your information. Consider LinkedIn as an extension of your website, making sure all the information is clean, up to date, and understandable. Below, we have four elements that will your company’s LinkedIn page look professional and inviting to prospective leads.

How to Improve Your Company LinkedIn Page

  1. Update the profile picture

The image you choose for your profile will be the first thing people will see, so make sure that it is representative of your company. Your logo would be perfect here! This is an excellent opportunity for you to put your branding front and center, and people might even begin to recognize your company by your logo. Make sure that whatever image you use has a high resolution and is not pixelated. A pixelated image in as your profile picture will show that your company’s LinkedIn page is being neglected.

  1. Share your content

This is a great place to share what your content marketers have been cooking up! Use your profile to post blogs, newsletters, video, and industry articles related to your field. This space is a great way to display your credibility and expertise in your field. Let your audience know that you’re great at what you do! Brag on your company, your employees, and whatever else it is that makes you stand out. If you don’t have a content marketing plan, now is a great time to start. Curate content specifically for LinkedIn to engage with your audience. Consider a live video where you can share your thoughts on your industry or answer questions in real-time.

  1. Interact with your audience

Once you have started sharing your content, take time to respond to your audience interactions. Engagement is a huge benefit to the LinkedIn interface, allowing us to communicate with our clients or leads. You can use this service to build bridges and connect with new prospects about what you have to offer. Enlist some of your employees to engage as well, which creates a dialogue on what problems your leads are facing and how your company could help.

  1. Consistently update information
Most importantly, you need to make sure that whatever you feature on your company’s LinkedIn page is up to date. Whether it’s the products or services you offer, your company description, address, or even your URL, this information needs to be updated as consistently as it changes. If you are posting jobs on LinkedIn, people are going to be looking at your page. If your information is not up to date, or, even worse, if there are typos and the copy looks funky, people will avoid your company. Write clear, concise copy for your LinkedIn page to get views and make connections.

How Marketing Eye Atlanta Can Help 
Marketing Eye is dedicated to elevating and supporting your marketing efforts. As a creative marketing agency, our purpose is to dive into the specifics of what makes your company unique. We develop a strategy based on the needs of your business and implement the strategy to improve your brand awareness and help you generate revenue. Whether we are running a lead generation campaign or developing content for your social media channels, we work to improve your marketing efforts. Our team is committed to the prosperity and success of your business. Contact Marketing Eye today to learn more.
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