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Email might be considered an old-fashioned approach for your marketing efforts, but the truth is that a well-written email campaign can still be very powerful for your company. Because everyone accesses email on their smartphones, it’s become much easier to reach qualified leads with high-quality content. Recently, Marketing Eye and Robotic Marketer engaged in a discussion about email campaigns and how they can still be effective for what your company needs, which you can see here.

How to Implement an Email Marketing Campaign


Sales enablement should take priority

An email campaign is a great way to generate revenue. Target your writing towards a specific part of the buyer journey, so that you can address the customers that are currently in that portion of the buyer journey. When you begin your writing process, consider the potential problems they are facing, the solutions that you offer, and whether they are ready to make a decision or not. Once you begin to find some of those answers, decide on your tone and the goal KPIs to better define your course going forward.


Hyper-specific audiences respond better

While you could send out your emails in a shotgun blast of communications to everyone on your list, that probably won’t be the most effective way to communicate with your audience. The very best way to engage your audience is to segment them into different pools so that you can then send your specific messaging to each segment. If you have hyper-specific audiences that are receiving hyper-specific information, they are much more likely to respond. Everyone is much more interested in the information that pertains to them, which is why your generalized campaigns haven’t been working.


Automation should do the heavy lifting

A marketing automation solution is a great way to keep track of what you are sending and who you are sending it to. Automation can keep delivering content at an interval that establishes regular communication but doesn’t become intrusive. Automation is the only way to grow. Your automation solution will also be able to track when your emails are opened, which can also indicate when the pace of the communications can pick up. Keep your messaging automated so that you can spend more time on creating content that people want to consume.

Watch the discussion below.

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