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LinkedIn currently has over 660 million users worldwide making it one of the most successful and effective social media platforms for connecting with other professionals and businesses around the world. The platform gives users the opportunity to represent themselves through creating a profile filled with achievements, previous employment and any other relevant experience. LinkedIn has created opportunities for many professionals and businesses around the world through creating an engaging user-friendly experience.

How to get more views on LinkedIn

Due to the large sum of LinkedIn users, it can be a challenge for some professionals to be recognized and create connections, therefore it is important for users to know how to build their profile in order to market themselves in an engaging and professional manner, allowing for professional connections.

Create an Engaging Profile

Your LinkedIn profile gives you an opportunity to build your professional brand by showing your previous employment and work experience, education, skills and any other relevant experience for other professionals and future employers to engage with. The first thing that professionals notice when they come across your profile is your profile picture. Just like in person, first impressions are important to most people, therefore it is imperative that you select a professional, clean-cut photo representing yourself in a positive manner. In doing this, you are x36 more likely to be contacted by an employer.

Once future employers and other professionals have a visual of who you are, they are most likely to scroll through your profile to see what your skillset and experience is. It is important to only upload skills and experience that is relevant to your industry.

Just like your profile photo, in the ‘about’ section it is important to represent yourself in a positive and professional manner. This is the section of your profile that focuses on your personality, so it is important to be authentic here. Discuss the field of work you are interested in and what tasks and work you enjoy and thrive in. Avoid writing this section like a resume, as said previously, this section of your profile is supposed to be personal and warm where you can create personal engagement with other users.

Share and Like Posts

In order to attract maximum profile views and connections, it is important that you remain active. Be consistent with liking content, connecting and following other professionals and sharing achievements of your own. The more you like and share content, your profile is more likely to be visible to other professionals, therefore increasing your chances of creating new connections. In saying this, it is important to be intentional with your usage and avoid becoming unattractive and unappealing to other professionals. For example, avoid mindlessly liking and sharing content as this will be visible to other professionals in their feed.

Personalize your connections

An effective way of creating more LinkedIn connections is to connect with users personally. You do this by clicking on the users’ profile and clicking the connect button there. This will open a text box where you are able to send a personalized message. This action will lead to you standing out amongst other users who may just click the connect button without leaving a message. It implies that you are truly interested in what the other user does professionally.

If you have recently attended a networking event, make sure to reach out to any other professionals you may have met. This is a great way of making connections as well as creating opportunity for potential career opportunities.

Connect with LinkedIn Groups

There are a variety of different LinkedIn groups where businesses and professionals within the same discipline can connect with one another. The space allows for sharing information, expertise and advice amongst each other, leading to building more relationships and relevant connections.

Share Visual content

Data has shown that users who share visual content are twenty times more likely to have their post reposted. In sharing images or videos, it is more likely to create more engagement. Visuals are more captivating and intriguing especially in the professional world where people are used to endless text and articles.

The predominate reason professionals struggle to make connections and be recognized by others, is that they mistake the fact that it is equally important to present yourself authentically as it is to market yourself professionally. Engage effectively with other users by using a professional and warm profile picture, writing a personal summary about yourself and adding relevant experience and employment to your profile. A successful LinkedIn profile is not dependent on just one element, it is in combination of numerous entities. Once you have created an effective profile, connections with professionals and businesses will be much easier to create.

Image credit - Austin Distel

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