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Webinars may seem like a forgotten form of marketing, but the truth is that webinars aren’t the easiest thing to pull off. It requires months of planning, writing, re-writing, designing, and promotion to finally get to the webinar, but it doesn’t always pay off the way we want it to. There’s a huge difference between good webinars and bad webinars, and it usually boils down to how much work was done in the planning and writing stages. Below, we have some considerations for making sure that your next webinar is great.

How to Drive Engagement for Your Webinar

Pick a specific topic

The only way to start working on a webinar is by deciding what you want to talk about. Picking a topic is never easy because it needs to be interesting enough to pull in your audience. What does your company have to offer? How can you position your brand as an expert? Your topic should be something that you have a lot of experience with. It’s all about how much value you are providing to your audience. Your viewers will get more value from a specific topic that you have a lot of experience with.

Choose the right speakers

Choosing the right speaker is almost as important as picking the topic! Why pick a specific topic that your selected speaker knows absolutely nothing about? Once you’ve chosen a topic, settle on a speaker that can speak confidently and clearly in every detail. Your speaker should be comfortable talking on camera and willing to take questions. Subject matter expertise is especially important for fielding unexpected questions.

Spice up your slides

Once you get people to tune in, you don’t want to lose their interest. Slides are the only real option with a webinar, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a boring PowerPoint. Create a branded template so that your slides look polished and professional, but compelling enough to hold the attention of your audience. For instance, your audience will need a visual cue that the slides have changed. Use pictures to support the design of your slides, and color to make everything pop interestingly.

Write a strong script

A strong script is crucial to the success of your webinar. The script acts as a map for the webinar hosts, and without it, your webinar will not perform the way you need it to. It’s really hard to cover any topic for an hour without a script. If you don’t want the webinar to turn into a rambling mess, give your hosts a strong script.

Promote, promote, promote

Now that the hard work for the webinar is done, it’s time to draw that audience in! Set up a landing page where people can sign up and send that link to all of the people you want to attend. Social media ads, website ads, and email campaigns are all great tools to use for promoting your webinar. With all of the work that goes into creating and hosting a webinar, it’s important to get as many attendees as possible.

How Marketing Eye Can Help
Driving engagement for your webinar is crucial for your brand awareness and content marketing strategy, especially while live events are off the table. Marketing Eye is a marketing agency that specializes in supporting the marketing efforts of small to medium-sized businesses, by elevating your marketing operations to achieve your business goals. Our process allows us to develop a marketing strategy for your specific needs. Contact Marketing Eye today to learn how we can help you.

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