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Content marketing is all about flexibility. Your campaign might be written perfectly, planned to the fullest extent, and performing wonderfully: but sometimes things change! Trends and global events might distract your audience from your campaign, or it might even lose steam after a competitor campaign launches. Whatever the case may be, it's important to have the flexibility and capability to address what's happening with your campaign and make the necessary changes. When something significant disrupts your content strategy, you need to think about how it will affect your business goals. The success of your campaigns and your business all relies on your ability to pivot your content strategy quickly.

How to Adapt Your Content Strategy in a Changing Environment

 Know When to Change

Knowing when to change is by far the most challenging part about changing your content strategy. It can be hard to look at your content strategy with an outsider's perspective, so try to consider how it's serving your business goals. If it isn't, then it's time to change something. Here are some of the questions you could ask yourself:

  • Is your content strategy providing a timely lens to customers?
  • Do you realize that changing your strategy will help to deliver more valuable content to your audience?
  • Does your content strategy align with your business and the current events?

The answers to these questions will give you a clear indication of when your content strategy should change. 

Think of Your Audience

At this stage, you have decided to change your content strategy. But to what? Look to your audience! Check their web behavior to see what your audience is interested in. Check the current trends to see how you can fold timely information into your content strategy. If you are changing content because of a massive and disruptive global event, pivot towards the needs of your audience. Some of your audience segments might be facing different challenges than others. How can you address those challenges? How does your business fill a need? What product or service do you offer that can provide some relief? When you do decide to change your content strategy, do it based on what your audience needs most.

Adjusting Your Delivery

Once you know what your content changes are going to be, you need to look at how your audience is going to receive that content. Are you going to keep the same delivery process? Analyze the success of your previous delivery process to see what worked and what didn't to make any necessary changes. It's all about connecting to your customers at their preferred point of connection. Not everyone uses the same channel, so the likelihood of everyone seeing a Facebook post is low. Spread out across your social media channels and make the changes that make sense for each channel, as well as each audience segment's preferred channels.

 Don't Over Do It

One of the worst things a content marketer can do is jump the gun. A shift in your content strategy is not a brand overhaul of your company. Essentially, you only need to fix what isn't working. Flexibility isn't about changing everything about your company; in fact, it's more about the subtle changes in approach that will give your content that competitive edge that you need. Changing your content strategy should be done with baby steps. Make small adjustments along the way before you commit to a massive change. Just because you are changing your content strategy doesn't mean that your brand has an identity crisis. Smaller changes are more manageable, more efficient, and less confusing to your audience.

How Marketing Eye Can Help
Marketing Eye is a creative marketing agency that specializes in elevating and supporting the marketing efforts of small to medium-sized businesses. We develop marketing strategies that are customized to the challenges and pain points of your business operations. Our team of marketers are uniquely positioned to help you develop a flexible content marketing strategy, catered to the preferences of your audience. Contact Marketing Eye today to learn how we can help you. 

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