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Effective content that generates leads and brand engagement for your company is an invaluable asset. Finding the right fit for what your audience is looking for requires A/B testing, giving you a better picture of what they find most interesting. While a blog page on your website is great for educating and informing customers about different aspects of your service and industry, something like a video can go to even greater lengths to show how your product works. Improve your content marketing efforts to better capture your leads at later points in the sales funnel. 

Effective Types of Sales Enablement

The case study

A good case study reads like a story: a beginning, middle and end with a series of who’s, what’s and where’s. You want your case study to quickly illustrate what’s great about your company in a really specific way. Look to include a client testimonial to back up your claims, as well as quantifiable results with easily understood stats and facts. Get creative with how your case study looks and make it pop against the backdrop of your competition.


Provide your clients with an active tool that shows them how your product fits into the margins of their own business. Online calculators are a great way for your customers to process your data and how much they are willing to spend on a purchase. You could also provide interactive elements like a checklist, template or even a quiz to let them experiment with different scenarios involving your product. Implementing tools like these can encourage the customer to make a purchase, especially if they have the convenience of an online purchase available.

The sales deck

Since you will likely only have one sales deck at your disposal, you will need to make sure people remember it. Your sales deck is simply another piece of content, a way that you can demonstrate your products and your vision in one place. Use a narrative to make the deck more interesting, while outlining exactly what your company offers and how it can solve your customer’s problems. Present everything with a sense of urgency, so that your customers will make the conversion much quicker than they might otherwise.

The one-sheet

This is where you get to solely describe your solution. Here, you can provide an in-depth analysis of how your product works, what it does, and how it has helped your customers in the past. Make sure that your copy is brief enough to be read quickly and carefully worded to avoid any confusion. To make your one-sheet stand out, you should add some tasteful colors, graphs to illustrate your stats, and an optimized layout to make it easy and pleasant to look at.

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