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In the recent decade, digital marketing has become a crucial part of our daily lives. Everything can be searched with a click of a button, from social media to everyday life; the average, typical mature user spends at least 6 hours a day on their devices. So, in some ways, it presents an excellent opportunity for businesses to proactively get their brand out to the world. 

Digital marketing strategy examples that rock

There are four different marketing strategy examples mentioned in this blog that can help you kickstart your digital marketing journey.

SEO, aka Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization to business as several approaches are implemented to show that your company is on the top of the search engine with specific keywords implemented so that it comes out to the intended target market. 

The most excellent SEO tactics initially focused on obtaining an exceptionally high keyword density and boosting the number of external links pointing back to your website. 

To fully utilize and administer SEO tactics, you should concentrate on long-tail keywords, especially ones with a few words. Longer phrases are frequently more precise, allowing you to target a more niche market and compete against fewer other companies.

When using an SEO title like "smoothie recipes," these are the two comparisons taken from google as an example:

- The BBC headline is straightforward and doesn't entice you to click. However, highlighting their brand name (BBC) since they are a reputable company undoubtedly increases their CTR (Click-through rate). 

- The second example is All recipes smoothie recipes; the title is "Easy Smoothie Recipes With 3 Ingredients or Less," which is pretty good. It distinguishes itself from the hundreds of other SEO titles that simply say, "Smoothie recipes" by including "Easy" and "3 ingredients or fewer." Additionally, the term "Easy" makes it more attractive.

Pay per click Advertising (PPC)

Pay-per-click marketing enables the client to make payments only when a click is made. Typically, an auction is held to establish the cost of each click, and it considers how much other bidders are prepared to pay for just the click.

For example, you must pay for the space on a billboard if you want to place an advertisement there. You will also have to pay to air a TV commercial for a popular program. So, Numerous advertising networks use this method. But some are more well-liked than others. 

Google Ads is on the list's top and might just be the largest. AdSense is the counterpart to Ads. Website owners use that application to display Ads advertisements on their websites, so when users click the adverts, they are compensated.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the act of producing and publishing digital content, including blog articles, videos, digital books, technical and solution summaries, and other digital content to enlighten your viewers, is known as content marketing. 

Research studies and client success stories may make for interesting material. In addition, they are simple to reuse for content on LinkedIn, social media, podcasts, YouTube, email marketing, webinars, launch sites, and other visual media.

Canva is a fascinating site where are 40 typefaces for your small business, 30 inspirational quotations, 50 logos to get you started, and additional brand awareness materials are just a few examples.

Canva allows you to delve deeply into the connections between color and advertising and explains how to choose hues that appeal to your target market. It's among the most exemplary instances of content marketing since it provides consumers with more profound, more authentic material for those who may value the depth and surface-level inspiration for most people.

This means that both novice and expert audiences can be catered to by bloggers. For people of all levels of expertise, citing statistics and showing evidence of other companies may be a fantastic source of inspiration.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

According to Investopedia, Social media marketing (SMM) promotes a business's services and goods using social networking sites and platforms.

In this case, Airbnb is an excellent example of how a business most impacted by the pandemic is still finding a way to stay active by making strides by working together with the first responders as a benefactor for people who need a place to stay. 

By taking this course of action, the business managed to improve its brand image and stay afloat by supporting a cause to win consumer trust.

Research studies and client success stories may make for interesting material. In addition, they are simple to reuse for content on LinkedIn, social media, podcasts, YouTube, email marketing, webinars, landing sites, and other visual media.

As we learn to co-exist in a digital ecology, businesses must adapt and innovate to stay ahead of the curve. Investing and evaluating in a smart digital marketing strategy can help put your business on the top of the chart, maximizing success.

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