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Social Media Marketing refers to the usage of digitized social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. to promote products, create brand awareness, engage new and existing customers and receive feedback. According to Statista, as of April 2022, there are 4.65 billion active social media users, roughly 58% of the total population. If your business targets just 1% of the total active social media users, it would be equivalent to meeting 46.5 million individuals!

Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

The significant participation of consumers on these platforms suggests that social media marketing should be an integral part of a company’s marketing strategy. A company can use Social Media Marketing in multiple ways. They include utilizing top Social Networking sites, posting links on Social News and Bookmarking websites to boost brand presence. Sharing media content like videos, pictures, short-video formats, community posts ensure customer engagement online. Community and micro-blogs are an effective tool to market new and existing products. Influencer marketing, Sponsorship and Advertising can also prove valuable at contributing to a brand’s image. A good follower count on top platforms reflect authenticity and instils goodwill in the customer’s mind.

Social Media Marketing in itself is vast. Some simple errors in SMM can cost the company market presence, customers and business opportunities. This post covers common Social Media Marketing mistakes that can be avoided easily.

  • Marketing Plan: Firstly, a business needs to be precise about the SMM strategy it wants to employ and the objectives it aims to achieve through them. The Marketing Plan is an ongoing process that takes extends as the company progresses. There needs to be a dedicated research team that looks for areas that need marketing or enhancement throughout their SMM campaign. Constructing a SMM Plan guarantees that the all the content creation is done keeping in mind the objectives listed in the marketing plan. The plan ensures that during no point in time, the marketing team is stuck at something and is unsure of the focus for their content. The SMM plan facilitates a smooth marketing journey for the business and a properly structured portfolio that is presented to the target audience.
  • Quality over Quantity: Due to a high number of websites, apps and platforms available currently, businesses often try to be present on each one of them. The company should assess and determine where majority of its target audience is present. It should focus on being on a few major platforms but have high quality content and a consistent pattern of posting. This approach is far better than having multiple profiles across the web with a compromised quality of content. The brand should concentrate on fulfilling their marketing goals and an increased consumer interaction through Social Media. With a proper marketing plan in place, the company can be sure of what its next strategy or campaign should be! Apart from platforms, the marketing team should also be sure that they do post regularly but not spam the followers with their posts. The customer gets engaged by routine posts but they may lose interest if their feed is filled with your business.
  • Deal with Criticism: Each enterprise receives appreciation and criticism for its products and services. Companies are receptive to the positive feedback, but often ignore the negative comments or criticism that is made. Such is the power of social media where one is free to express any kind of opinion on everything. If the company doesn’t handle negative feedback wisely, it can result in loss of followers and potential customers. It is necessary for the business to take a stand for themselves when the negative claim is false, this can protect the integrity of the brand. When the brand publicly accepts their faults and comes back with corrective measures, there’s an improvement in its goodwill. A business also can benefit with negative publicity from time to time if dealt in the correct way!
  • No Offensive Content: Social Media is a united space, which means your post can be visible to everyone from any part of the world. Sometimes businesses tend to make comments or posts that may be offensive to a particular group of people. The SMM team should be mindful of what they are uploading publicly as sometimes, this could result in bad Public Relations and harm the brand’s reputation. Many humanitarian issues are highlighted in the social media, regularly. The company should be aware of them and try to take efforts that might create a positive brand image in front of the target audience. The team should be aware that whatever content is posted on Social Media platforms attract audiences instead of repelling them.
  • Tracking Analytics: From the creation of an account to the time the brand is well established in the marketplace, Analytics play a major role in tracking the company’s progress. Analytics list parameters that need enhancements and points where best performance has been seen. These insights also tell you what type of audience is interacting with you the most, in terms of demographics. This can prove beneficial to improve customer engagement and improvise the Social Media Marketing Strategies in order to achieve your goals.

Social Media possesses colossal power, it can be used sensibly to gain more customers and create a strong image. With the increasing awareness of the youth, the importance of Social Media will rise. A Social Media Marketing team should always be careful about these mistakes and avoid them at all costs. If used properly, SMM is cheaper in and more personalized to customers than the traditional forms of marketing. It is a good idea to be consistent and to maximize gains from Social Media efforts. So, it is important for every company to be at the top of their Social Media game!

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