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Jul 14, 2021 Written by  Mellissah Smith

Team leaders, external third parties, or marketing managers alike, hosting a marketing strategy workshop can be daunting - particularly if you haven’t prepared.

Marketing strategy workshops provide an opportunity to review the process of marketing operations in your business and its influences on key stakeholders. Bringing your team together to help foster an understanding of the various goals of your management, sales, and marketing team, and how each of these applies to your product or service development strategy.

Deliver an experience that will motivate your team through stimulating exercises and running through a fast-paced checklist that will further assist your business in achieving goals.


How to host a successful marketing strategy workshop

When facilitating a marketing workshop, preparation is key. A poorly prepared strategy session engages no one. As marketers, we have limited opportunities to demonstrate just how important a role marketing holds in the success of your business, which is why taking advantage of this opportunity to fight for our position in the company is of the utmost importance.


These kinds of opportunities only come around once or twice a year, so it’s important to make the most of this event.

Here are some of the best practices for a marketing strategy workshop

  1. Create a clear agenda for stakeholders to read through providing them with an expectation of what will take place over the course of the workshop
  2. Use promo products or teaser videos to excite your team about what to expect
  3. Utilize technology to simplify the presentation. We use Robotic Marketer so that we not only have the questions to ask in front of us, but also develop a strategy by the end of the session
  4. Provide regular reminders to the team so that there is no confusion about why you’re undertaking the work set out, when actions will take place and where everything will happen
  5. Bring a positive mindset and attitude on board and ensure that everyone knows that the workshop will be engaging, fun and critical towards business growth.

If you wish to achieve the best results from your workshops and strategy facilitation, then Robotic Marketer is a tool optimized for B2B companies.

  1. Select the appropriate framework for your marketing strategy workshop
    1. Ensure that the framework covers all aspects from business and sales goals through to marketing objectives, unique value proposition, website, brand, SWOT, and various marketing tactics.
    2. Include key messages
    3. Use technology that helps prompt you to ask the right questions but also gives you rapid access to a report without delay to then hand out to the team participating in the workshop.
  2. Create excitement amongst your audience
    1. Provide a promotional video or short video
    2. Incorporate team-building exercises
    3. Deliver a memorable experience and something they want to come back to each year.
  3. Having a professional marketing strategy workshop facilitator vs self-run workshops
    1. Professional marketing strategy workshop facilitators can deliver an engaging experience for your crowd and hold expertise in making them capable of answering any question that may pop up.
    2. Hosting the workshop, yourself can work as well. It’s an opportunity for you to step up, practice team engagement and strengthen relationships with your fellow team members.
  4. Choose the best space to hold your workshop
    1. Go beyond your office space
    2. External room hire is always great
    3. Creative experiences can be even better!
  5. Maintain a strict timetable
    1. Don’t give people excuses to turn up late
    2. Start on time and finish on-time
    3. Utilize regularly scheduled breaks, make them short and sharp
  6. Provide an experience that extends beyond the workshop
    1. People are more engaged when they have a result from the marketing workshop – so using platforms like Robotic Marketer won’t give you extra work but will give the stakeholders the ‘benefits’ from the workshop
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