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Product marketing is a series of activities for disseminating products to the community. The marketing concept is about the process of fulfilling the needs and desires of consumers who become part of the market share in the business.

8 Mistakes to Avoid in Marketing

As a business, your product marketing strategies deserve attention. The marketing concept must be right so that your business can reach as many potential customers as possible. Your product must be recognized and accepted and used by consumers.

For that, some mistakes must be avoided in product marketing. Read along to see what mistakes to avoid in your product marketing strategy.

  1. Lack of Market Research

Research is part of the marketing process. Without good research, you will not understand the needs of the market. It may turn out that your product is not attractive and worth selling. Maybe you offer an innovative product, but that doesn't mean the product is needed by consumers. To understand how to market your product, research and market trials are essential.

  1. Non-Specific Target Market

If you set a broad market share and want to reach everyone, then your marketing efforts will not be maximized. You must target specific consumers and give more value to your product, thus making it unique in the eyes of consumers. This also allows you to focus more on marketing your product. For example, you sell dairy products. To be specific, make a dairy product for children and one for adults.

  1. Copying Competitors' Marketing Ways

Creativity in marketing is mandatory. Do not let yourself imitate the marketing concept that has been done by competitors. Consumers will not appreciate the way you do business. Your product will be underestimated. For that, creative marketing strategies tailored to your product help promote the advantages of your product.

  1. Not Making a Marketing Budget

Don't think of marketing as a burden to your business and restrict your budget. Remember that no matter how good the product is, you need money and planning for promotion. For that, make a special budget for marketing, so that marketing activities can be carried out optimally.

  1. Not Paying Attention to Old Customers

Old customers are as important as new customers. Don't ignore old customers. You do have to carry out various promotional activities to reach as many new consumers as possible. However, existing customers are a valuable business asset. For that, don't forget them when you do marketing.

  1. Promotion is not intensive

The notion that customers will come to you only based on product quality is false. The most important thing to attract customers to your quality products is promotion. The quality product without vigorous promotion will not generate significant sales. If you want to increase sales, start promoting your product constantly.

  1. Confusing Advertising Messages

Creatives must be considered carefully. The visuals must be attractive and the language used is also easy to understand. Avoid using winged words because consumers find it difficult to digest the message conveyed. Remember that your ad will be seen by many people from different backgrounds, so pay close attention to the copywriting.

  1. Promoting on One Channel

People will receive a lot of advertisements every day from television, radio, newspapers, social media, and the internet. If you only rely on one type of media to promote your product, then you will lose competitiveness with other products that advertise everywhere. For that, if there is a sufficient marketing budget, use it for promotion in several media at once.

Humans make mistakes sometimes, learning from experience is the most effective and quick thing to understand what marketing strategies are suitable and not for your business. Humans will not escape from making mistakes, but of course, they must learn from these mistakes and correct them.

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