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May 25, 2022 Written by  Oktavianisa Amalia

Staying on top of a Google Search Page is tough, given the market competition. However, one way to stay relevant in Google searches is to continuously improve your website's SEO performance. SEO is dynamic to any business’ online success and there are always new ways to boost its performance. Read more to understand how you can improve your SEO techniques.

7 Ways to boost your SEO for better Google Search Ranking
  1. Competitor Website Audit

Competing for the highest rank on Google Search isn’t always a success story. With an extensive range of competitors, standing out in the rankings can be difficult. Often, the best way to become more visible is by re-strategizing. Relearning SEO and understanding the practices of our competitors, including resources that they use can help. From domain authority, content quality, backlink authority, and others—the more detailed our research, the better we can update our techniques.

The information collected can be used to analyze what’s working and what isn’t. Sometimes, competitors might have better backlinks, or their internal links are well-optimized. If we’re consistent with our study on improving SEO, our website ranking will see growth.

  1. Benchmarks and Keywords

Once you’ve implemented SEO techniques, it is important to stay consistent. Setting benchmarks to track the growth of your implementation can help your website performance. Checking the keywords that rank highly and comparing them with the competitors is an excellent way to measure SEO success., we can compare with competitors who are most relevant to us and find out the differences in keywords that have succeeded in ranking. This can also help us find potential keywords that can boost growth.

Finding potential keywords can be made easy by using websites like SEMrush and Moz. However, if you feel this method is too complicated, you can always work with an experienced SEO Consultant.

  1. Website Structure Optimization

SEO can be affected by your website structure. When designing a website, each component should be created to make optimal use of your crawl budget. When the crawl budget increases, the indexing process on our website will be better, which in turn will increase authority. Therefore, we must design a website structure that can improve the SEO performance of the website.

  1. Indexability

When the Google engine crawls through your website, it can rank it on the first page. The next step is indexing. If Google has difficulty in crawling through your website, indexing and displaying it on the first page can be difficult. Therefore, good website structure can make crawling and indexing better and help Google bots rank our website on the first page.

  1. Mobile Usability

Mobile devices are now an essential item to every person. Almost everyone now has a mobile device, in the city or the village, small or large. A mobile allows easy access which means most people will use your website through it. Creating a website that suits mobile screens is essential. Making your website mobile friendly will improve SEO performance because it is one of the ranking signals.

  1. Increase Referring Domain

Backlinks have a prominent effect on your website ranking. Especially if the backlink has trust and authority. Therefore, consistently acquiring good quality backlinks is one of the SEO strategies that we must practice. Referring domains continue to grow when we consistently banklink, making our website authority and trust even better. You can use this service to increase the number of referring domains over time.

  1. Keyword Placement

While keyword ranking is important, keyword placement is also essential. Placing keywords in the right position can improve your website's SEO performance. Start by placing the title tag, website URL, meta description, heading, first paragraph, and sub-heading. Now take a look, at which position your main keyword is installed in.

In conclusion, Website SEO actions that we do are interrelated. Each SEO component affects the other components, so doing SEO on an ongoing basis is a must. We have to make sure the design is mobile-friendly, easy to use, easy to crawl, and provides useful content. In this way, our hope to improve SEO performance for the better will be more easily achieved.

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