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Marketing is constantly changing, but it’s changed more in the last 10 years than ever before. As the number of online users steadily increases, our digital footprint needs to increase to meet the demand for an online presence. In order to keep up, we need to have an acute understanding of what digital marketing is, how it works and what we need to implement to ahead of the curve. Below, we have compiled some of the bigger pieces of digital marketing that you should consider for your business.

4 Ways to Optimize Your Digital Marketing Strategy

1. Content marketing

Content is the prime form of digital marketing currency right now because of how effective it is. When marketers refer to content marketing, they are referring to the generation of content for the purposes of lead generation, traffic growth, generating brand awareness and growing their customer base. These are informational pieces about the industry, your product/service and how your brand can solve their problems.

Knowing your audience is an instrumental part of creating content. You need to write pieces that cater to your audience and meet them where they are at. Blogs are a great way to demonstrate your industry expertise and present your company’s service as a solution to the reader’s problem. Blogs are also great for generating search traffic for your business. eBooks are long-form pieces of content that help to educate those who visit your site, as well as provide an opportunity to get your audience’s contact information. Infographics provide information in a visual format, which is a great way of showing how your company works. 

2. Search engine optimization

In the digital world, your website is the digitized front door to your business. Your website needs traffic to generate revenue, but what happens if you aren’t seeing the traffic? Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your site so that it ranks higher in the results page of a search engine. Essentially, you are going into your website and modifying your content towards what your readers are looking for.

The easiest way to do this is to focus on the content that exists on your page, like web copy, blogs and infographics. You can also optimize the backend of your website by changing how your pages are coded, image compression, data structure and file optimization. Additionally, you can optimize your website away from your page by using inbound links to route users back to your site.

3. Social media marketing

Social media is not something that we would really consider new at this point, but companies are finding new and exciting ways to use their social accounts every day. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are the most widely used accounts, but a lot of companies dabble in Snapchat and Pinterest as well.

The most effective way to run your various accounts is to connect each social channel through an online tool. This way, you can send all of your social media messaging out from one place. Streamlined messaging will keep your social content consistent across each channel, which will make the message much more effective.

4. Marketing automation

The biggest way that digital marketing is changing the way we work is the way that it can automate our basic marketing operations. This software greatly increases our efficiency by doing smaller, repetitive tasks for us. This is great for email marketing campaigns, as it will shrink or expand your contact list based on who wants to see you messaging, in addition to automatically sending your emails. You can also use automation for your social media post scheduling, lead generation and campaign tracking.

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