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What do you do when you want to go on a long trip? Would you just pick up a bag and leave, or would you make an itinerary, plan your budget, book tickets, and fix a timeline for your trip?

Of course, the second option, right!!

It is always good to plan your itinerary so that the trip becomes memorable. 

The same is the case for Marketing!!

3 Reasons Why you Need a Marketing Strategy

Marketing is one of the most critical aspects of business and is often underestimated, especially within small businesses.

A successful business is a consequence of a successful marketing campaign which in turn is a result of months of planning by intelligent, creative, and innovative marketing strategists.

Thus, a marketing strategy is vital for any organization to achieve its goals and evolve. In simpler terms, the marketing strategy is the "Itinerary" of your business objective.

Additionally, every business has one ultimate goal: to get more sales and increase its market share.
However, you need marketing to do that consistently.

In fact, marketing is the most powerful tool a brand can use to showcase its image and engage with customers. Thus, for this, having a pre-planned marketing strategy is Step 0- it's the first thing you should do before investing anything else in the marketing activities. But why is it necessary to have a marketing strategy?

Brand Familiarity, Legitimacy, and Trust. 

What happens when someone asks you for the brand names of some soft drinks? It's always Pepsi or Coca-Cola that comes to mind. This is what a proper marketing strategy does. Brand Familiarity is the objective of every business. But to reach that level of semantics in the target audience's minds, the brand needs to create trust so that consumers are not afraid to try them. This is where a marketing strategy comes in.

An effective marketing strategy can make your brand from zero to a hero. Furthermore, it allows you to establish authenticity and trust. This can be achieved by appearing on several communication channels like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, consistently portraying the brand's vision and goals, engaging with your audience, and showing empathy for your customer's pain points.

The more a brand is familiar, the more your customers will be.

Marketing strategy is your best weapon against your competitors.

A well-planned marketing strategy can work wonders for your brand against your competitors. But, on the other hand, it is the "kryptonite" against your major rivals and can give you a significant advantage; despite the rapid technological growth and development, it's challenging to come up with something unique.

However, marketing oozes creativity, and it takes no time for a marketing campaign to trend on the internet if done strategically, thus eliminating the risk of your competitors. 

When you have a proper marketing strategy, you know exactly what to do, the benefits, how to approach a particular market and how to measure success. Sometimes, having an innovative product is not enough to spark people's interest.
It also needs marketing support with the right tactics and communication tools to market the product to the target audience.

Hence, a marketing strategy helps you to dominate your industry over your competitors as you would already know your strengths and weaknesses compared to your rivals.

A Marketing Strategy gives you a reality check.

Many firms fail because they either don't have a marketing plan or create one but forget to implement it correctly. The marketing strategy needs to be updated with the current trends to keep up with the target audience.
Agility is critical in planning, as one does not know what the future might hold for the firm. 

Therefore, the primary purpose of a marketing strategy is to offer you a regular reality check. For instance, let's say your marketing plan includes penetrating a particular market with your current products. Then consider the answers to the following questions:

  • Does the product have the ability to meet consumer needs?
  • What is the behavior of consumers towards your brand/product?
  • Do you need to adapt and adjust to meet your goals?
  • Do you require updating your marketing methods with the new geography?

You can quickly analyze your product or brand in the current scenario from the above questions.

Additionally, businesses often have multiple objectives, and it can get very confusing sometimes if you don't have pre-planned tactics to guide you to move ahead. Therefore, marketing strategy is a benchmark that reminds you if you are on the correct path to achieving your marketing targets. 

In short, to have a well-tuned business with a renowned brand identity and recognition, you must have a clear roadmap for organizing it. Marketing strategies help you manage your resources much better and help you succeed against your competition. Furthermore, a marketing strategy adds more professionalism to your enterprise.

Therefore, a business needs to implement a correct marketing strategy. A failure to do so can have significant consequences for the company in the long-term scenario. 

Still have doubts about the marketing strategy? Marketing Eye is one of the leading marketing consultancies with acclaimed marketing strategists.  

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