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The marketing department of a company has been deemed by many as the most crucial element of an organization. It is the component that helps create your brand image, drives brand awareness, and promotes your business’ mission and goals. It also allows your target audience to gain a solid understanding of who you are and what you offer. Some say it is the underpinning of your entire organization. Therefore, it is crucial to consider and successfully implement an efficient marketing strategy to reach your desired targeted audience and be most effective.

 Continue reading to discover our top 20 recommendations for marketing websites, that could help you advance your marketing efforts.

1. Hubspot


Hubspot has long proven to be one of the most successful marketing websites known to the industry. Helping businesses with an array of marketing elements, the software focuses on developing an all-in-one inbound marketing software. This involves helping your business increase traffic, transform leads and improve your return on investment. Some features include developing SEO, marketing automation, organizing email campaigns and analytics.

2. Buffer

Buffer is a marketing software known for helping the management and growth of businesses on their social media accounts, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The platform helps companies analyse outcomes from their accounts and improve accordingly to most effectively engage with target audiences and consumers.

3. Marketing Land
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Marketing Land is a fantastic marketing website that provides marketing information, particularly on the digital marketing industry. The daily publication reports on industry trends, relevant stories and product news for some of the major software in the industry.

 4. Kiss Metrics

kiss metrics.png
Kiss Metrics is a marketing platform that helps businesses gain a deeper understanding of their customers through data-driven information. The platform aids businesses to implement email campaigns based on the behaviour of their customers and particular segments, which help engage with customers more effectively. 

5. Marketing Eye Atlanta
marketing eye atl.png
Marketing Eye Atlanta is an outcome-driven and successful creative marketing agency that helps businesses develop effective marketing strategies for their unique business. Through the use of revolutionary marketing software and innovative technology, the company produces effective results and solutions that drive growth. Some of their services include assistance in SEO, website development, social media management and graphic design. 

6. Jeff Bullas

jeff bullas.png
Jeff Bullas is significantly renowned for his influence in the marketing industry. His website is built upon all things marketing, with a strong emphasis on social media and digital content. His blog provides a range of useful content that provide tips, information and industry trends, and recommended tools and advice for digital marketing and social media management.

7. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social media management software that works to manage a range of online businesses social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. The purpose of the software is to aid with the implementation of social media scheduling, monitoring, content curation, analytics and monitoring. 

8. Mari Smith
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Mari Smith is known as one of the most prominent social media thought leaders in the marketing industry. Her website shares a range of resources such as training and webinars, while her blog provides insightful information that discusses a range of current industry trends, tips and resources from managing your businesses social media accounts to updates, trends and lessons to learn in the world of digital marketing.

9. Ogilvy and Mather

ogilvy and mather.png
Ogilvy & Mather is a renowned and entirely integrated creative network that helps businesses develop their marketing strategy. This involves developing brand strategy and advertising for clients, as well as driving customer engagement through their digital presence, social media and content creation.

10. Marketing

marketing eye au.png
Marketing Eye is a pioneering marketing agency whose purpose involves acting as the marketing department for a range of companies. Their keen eye for detail, professional team and constantly evolving use of technology ensure that the development of all strategies used is effective. The company helps a range of businesses with numerous initiatives and regularly shares a range of insights on industry trends on their blog.


cmo.png is a marketing website that shares a range of information on multiple areas of the marketing industry. Some topics include digital marketing, strategy, measurement and analytics. The resourceful website shares a range of industry tips and industry trends and updates and news on businesses within the industry.

12. Moz

Moz is a software company that has developed marketing resources based on SEO. Their purpose is to help clients grow traffic to their website, improve rankings and visibility in search engine results. Their blog provides a range of insights and tips on how to implement SEO most effectively and shares invaluable insights from some of the most experienced SEO professionals.

13. Marketing Profs


Marketing Profs provides marketers with a range of resources that help educate, train and improve on a range of areas in marketing. Some areas include website development, social media management, branding and content creation training, advertising, promotion and useful information on how to most effectively implement effective marketing campaigns.

14. Adweek


Adweek is a marketing publication platform whose purpose is to share a range of news, industry trends and insights from the industry. The website shares insights on a range of topics such as brand marketing, creative development, the digital landscape and media such as TV and video. The publication is an open group for marketers to gain knowledge, develop professionally and gain inspiration.

15. Search Engine Land

search engine land.png
Search Engine Land aims to report on a range of industry trends and information related to search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, web search, online ads and analytics, just to name a few. 

16. Social Media Examiner

social media examiner.png
Social Media Examiner is a website that acts as an informational guide sharing on multiple ways businesses should market their social media platforms. These include guides on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. Their blog also reports on current news within the social media industry and tips on how to navigate social media marketing most effectively.


reddit.pngreddit marketing.png

This is a marketing forum on Reddit that allow individuals to discuss all things marketing with likeminded individuals in the industry. With over 200K members, the group provides a hub for all marketers to read up on the latest questions from fellow group members, gain tips and advice on specific marketing strategies and discussion on latest industry news.

18. Get Response

get response.png
Get Response is an email marketing platform that works to deliver high-quality marketing campaigns that help grow and strengthen a business’s marketing strategy. Their blog provides a range of insights and advice on how to conduct effective email campaigns and significant marketing insights, such as SEO and lead generation.

19. Wordstream

word stream.png
Wordstream is a website that helps businesses with their online advertising. Offering a variety of advertising solutions, Wordstream help businesses utilise paid search such as Google Ad Campaigns and their social media, to transform clicks into customers.



Business2community is an online hub that shares a range of research, information and guides on how marketers can improve their marketing strategy. Topics cover all things marketing, from digital campaigns and social media strategies to the most effective sales and marketing techniques and tips.

Ultimately, it is imperative for marketers to continuously evolve in their understanding and professional development as marketers, as there is always room for improvement in the ever-changing industry. New technologies, trending news and developments will continuously spark a need for learning and to remain competitive. It is recommended that you utilise and consider the websites mentioned and their relative blogs and useful marketing software and technologies.

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