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Perfectionism can be taken to unrealistic heights: let’s cast our minds to the fallout of the Harvey Weinstein scandal in the US. It has exposed some of Hollywood’s dirty secrets of sexual harassment in the pursuit of perfection.

By this I mean, ambition often gets a bad rap. The trait that pushes someone toward success can sometimes turn into a game where winning isn’t about achieving; it’s about beating the other person. Channel it correctly, however, and ambition can bring great results.
Does the Liabilities of Perfection Relate to the Weinstein Syndrome? Part B

In relation to the Weinstein syndrome, Hollywood is hearing young actresses have been mistreated in all sorts of ways by powerful men who can dangle jobs or access to exciting parts of show business.

Is this the pathway to that perfect life? Are women really wanting to subject themselves to this level of mistreatment in the pursuit of perfection?

As a modern professional, I understand ambition takes a willingness to step into fear and anxiety. Some people are better able to tolerate this fear than others, perhaps because they are more courageous, committed, or driven, and can minimise the fear.

As an ambitious individual I act with purpose, but allow myself room to explore, experiment and discover, and would never subject myself to Weinstein’s alleged behaviour.

A fair number of people understand that Weinstein’s alleged behaviour is a symbol of a system that is sick, and has no room in today’s society.

As painful as the Weinstein scandal is for an industry that likes to project a loftier image of itself, some believe it could ultimately lead to a long-overdue shift in attitudes. Well it’s about time.

I know the difference between what constitutes right from wrong and I applaud the women who have come forward to detail the alleged actions of Harvey Weinstein, not just for themselves but for the benefit of everyone else. Their bravery and candor illuminates a tectonic shift in the behavior of Hollywood toward women and in society in general.

Then one must ask, what value do we bring to those glamourous award evenings and symbols?

Are they merely a reflection of the pain and suffering of the alleged Weinstein syndrome in Hollywood masked by expensive designer gowns and spectacular jewellery or are they genuinely celebrating true talent and commitment to stage and screen?

As a woman, we need to stand firm about who we are as individuals, and refuse to be lured by power to work for someone who is abusive, no matter how quickly this may fast track our career direction towards that illusive lifestyle.

I hope my views will thrust debate among women in our society and quash this flight for perfection for themselves and for their children - once and for all.

I’m sure it’s every industry’s dirty little secret. I also think there is sexual harassment in all aspects of business - and it has got to stop!

Remember, your life story will never be perfect and that is OK. What matters is if you love it. If you care about your world and the people who inhabit it then you will be able to reside in a place of love for your world, and your colleagues and acquaintances will love your life too!

So get out there, be you and #befabulous.

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