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Women are intelligent and influential consumers. According to a recent study, women account for over $31.8 trillion in global spending. Moreover, women control more than 85% of purchases across many categories.

How to develop a marketing strategy targeting women

While things are improving, women report that marketing and advertising continue to miss the mark- drawing on stereotypes, objectifying them, and talking down to them. According to research conducted by YouGov in 2020, it was found that half of the women (48%) said that female representation in advertising had become more positive over the preceding five years, compared to 8% who said it had deteriorated. However, many said ads had been objectifying them to the same extent or greater.

So how should you market your products or services to women? There is no simple answer, of course. It depends on the nature of your offer and the specific market you are targeting. Even so, there is no excuse for sexism, stereotypes, and objectification of women in marketing. Here are some strategies brands should use to develop marketing strategies to target women. Even so, there is no excuse for sexism, stereotypes, and objectification of women in marketing. Here are some strategies brands should use to develop marketing strategies to target women.

  • ●     Understand the psychological profiles of women-Most small firms use a sledgehammer approach to reach their target audience.

However, only a few personas appeal to the female market. Market research is crucial to the success of any plan. Data about race, age, background, industries, and interests should be gathered first. Analyze how demographic variations affect your marketing efforts or programs after you get the data. The use of emotional connections is more compelling to women.

  • ●     Market Online- A recent study found that 81% of female millennials said social media was the best way for brands to reach them; around half said Facebook was the platform of choice, while the other half chose Instagram. Pinterest is also a robust platform for marketing to a female demographic, with 78% of active Pinners welcoming branded content and messaging.
  • ●     Break Stereotypes- All women are frequently lumped together as one large target audience by marketers. Although women are commonly grouped in society, each is a distinct individual with varied interests and life experiences. The good news is that modern brands are already aware of this and have segmented their messaging into categories such as "new mothers,""single mid-20s urbanite," and so on. Consider the requirements, desires, and triggers of the target audience after narrowing down your marketing demographics.
  • ●     Respect women's diversity- Embrace the different kinds of women- trans women, women of color, black women, LGBT women, etc. Appreciating the differences in their identities and exploring their interests will go a long way for your business. Brands must convey solidarity for women and their specific needs for all kinds of women. Focus on diversity and empathy, not sympathy, by focusing on female-centered issues. Brands should push for a mindset that aims to understand and identify with the problems faced by women without pitying them.

One thing is for sure; whatever you sell, women will likely be an important target market for your business. Never make assumption-always test your messages with a diverse group of women

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