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A few years ago a friend said to me after a couple had left the brunch table that they both had the "Xanax face". Then went on to describe the problems they were having.

Xanax is taken legitimately by those who suffer from anxiety, but any drug isn't good to be on for too long and there are so many healthy alternatives.

Then last week, someone mentioned the same man and said "you need to understand that he has a prescription drug problem, and until he addresses that, he is unable to stop living the lifestyle he is living; playing with the 'fast' crowds around the world."

Click. Everything made sense. I looked it up and with Xanax one of the traits is to be 'uncaring'; of course nothing bothers you as it blocks it all out.

Instantly I felt sorry for that person. Imagine making a choice not to live in the real world and experience all the wonderful emotions that we get to experience throughout life. You have a baby, and instead of beaming with excitement, you smile and go "that's great". Woo hoo! Not!

Someone comes to you with a problem, you actually don't really care. They can fix it right? They have a doctor don't they?

The lives of rich people can be very difficult. The maid needs a day off or the nanny wants to go away for the weekend. Worse still, you married the wrong woman/man.

Perhaps the state of being 'Zen' by never feeling anything, you really get the option to not feel anything towards anyone or anything. No problem is a problem really. By taking a Xanax, this can be achieved in a number of minutes.

Many rich people legitimize the habit and it gives them the opportunity to showcase a deep knowledge of pharmaceuticals, and their grasp on the social scene. They don't need cocaine, because they have Xanax. It takes them to the place they want to be.

Painkillers, Sleeping Pills and of course drugs like Xanax are a pill abuse epidemic. The older you get the more prescription drugs you take. What is most interesting is that data shows more income level you have, the more likely you are to take Xanax, painkillers and sleeping pills. Oxycontin is another favored drug of choice amongst the crowd that doesn't want to experience any highs or lows.

Xanax makes your face expressionless and your eyes dull. You feel empty, relaxed, calm and not that interested in what other's have to say; it's more about you. You don't need much sleep and if you study these people long enough you will realize that even their voices change. They can't concentrate on conversation, and rarely even say hello - simply because they 'forgot'. 

When I heard this, everything made sense. I researched it as I do and of course this person is on something. There is no expression, their eye's are yellow and nothing ruffles their feathers. That's not human. It's a result of prescription drugs.

If you have a friend that shows these signs, talk to them about it. There are many people who have died from prescription drugs and just maybe you may save just that one person that needs saving. Otherwise, maybe you're not a friend and you too don't care.

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